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  • Artist: Art Carter
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 634479027819
  • Item #: SRD902781
  • Genre: Country
  • Release Date: 7/20/2004
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  • Rank: 1000000000
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Unbound on CD

(Album - UNBOUND) This Album is dedicated to the loving memory of my parents, Arthur J. Carter Jr. and Dolores Carter. I want to thank my Lord Jesus Christ and God in Heaven, for giving me the raw talent, and putting a dream in my heart. I would also like to thank my family for their encouragement, patience, humor, and for putting up with me. I would like to thank all my musician buddies for helping me to develop my talents, my friends for their encouragement, and a special thanks to my Spiritual Brother Sonny Steele for his words of strong faith and encouragement. I would like to thank Mike Bush for the great job he did in recording, mixing and mastering this album. I want to thank the fantastic musicians that played on this album, both at 'The Track Shack' and 'Gene Breeden Studios'. And I want to thank Don Reed for helping me to make this album a reality. (Art Carter - BIO) I have always had an interest in music and singing from as early as I can remember.... From singing in the shower, to singing in the car, to singing with bands, music and singing is like breathing to me... For me not to sing is to stop living, and expressing one's inner soul and emotions.... Music and singing is food for my being, and a way to connect with people's hearts and emotions in a deep and profound way... I have sung many different styles of music which include 'Rock N Roll, Rhythm and Blues, Jazz, Country, and Americana, etc..' I feel that each style of music has it's own unique and good qualities, and that by having sung many different styles, it makes you well rounded, a better musician, singer, and performer in all forms of music.... I have found a home in the 'Country-Rock and Americana' form of music, and I feel it is an 'Honest Style of Music' that can be sung from the heart, and truly reflects some of the best qualities of 'The American Spirit, Culture, and Values'...... It is real..... I am a singer, a songwriter, arranger, and producer..... I hope to keep growing in the music business, to write and record more songs, to touch people's hearts, and have my voice and music heard around the world.... Art Carter... (UNBOUND - Credits) Don Reed --------- (executive producer) Track Shack, Old Hickory, TN Art Carter --------- (producer & lead vocals) Michael Bush --- (engineer) Bob Hatter ------- (electric & acoustic guitar) Pat Lassiter ----- (bass) Tony Paoletta --- (steel pedal & lap guitar) Gene Rabbai ---- (keyboard) Peter Young ----- (drums & percussion) Sean Podi -------- (backup vocals) Gene Breeden Studios, Nashville, TN Jim Ed Brown --- (producer) Art Carter --------- (lead vocals) Barry Wayne ---- (enginer & backup vocals) Gene Breeden -- (lead guitar) Diane Berry ------ (rhythm guitar) John Heinrich ---- (steel pedal guitar) Steve Wood ------ (bass) Alvis Barnett ----- (drums and percussion) Jamie Bowles --- (keyboard and backup vocals)