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Second Wind
  • Artist: Artfull Dodgers
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 809070980324
  • Item #: SRD098032
  • Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
  • Release Date: 6/3/2003
  • Rank: 1000000000
Price: $21.44

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Second Wind on CD

Second Wind dominates the underground Hip Hop scene. The Artfull Dodgers have done it again. The follow up to the classic Lazy Eyes LP, Second Wind expands the Dodgers' own unique style of Hip Hop. Building on their strong lyrical reputations, Jackpot and B.Gozza hit your mental from every angle covering a large variety of subject matter. Topics range from the positive to the negative including the importance of acknowledging your past, the pursuit of dreams, partying, love, sex, betrayal, science fiction, as well as a healthy dose of the lyrical gymnastics they are known for. Collaborating with a variety of producers on Second Wind, the Dodgers succeed in reinventing their sound and building on their impressive track list. To further support the feel of the album, many of the tracks were recorded in different studios throughout the United States. They take you on a journey to the many different environments that they have experienced. Collaborating producers include His Panik (MoleMen), Lab Technicians, Shanrock, Mic One, OPM, and Earth Movers. There are also more extrordinary songs produced by the long time collaborating team of Bangtown and B.Gozza. A rotating armada of lethal DJs are on hand with the turntable magic of Sir Real, Eduardo Scizzahandz, and Phizyx. Plus inviting guests like Killah Priest (Wu Tang), Juice, O-Type Star, Pugzlee Atomz, Nova Cain, Metamo, and Johnny Puertochinko into the mix brings out the best in the Dodgers. Continuously motivated, Artfull Dodgers truly showcase their talent and potential with Second Wind. They continue to grow from a strong foundation and secure their spot in Hip Hop culture. 'BEST ALBUM OF THE YEAR 2002' 'extremely dope'-