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Beginner's Guide to Healing the Earth
  • Artist: Amy Arver
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 826640004822
  • Item #: 137838X
  • Genre: New Age
  • Release Date: 8/29/2006
  • This product is a special order
Price: $19.19
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Beginner's Guide to Healing the Earth on CD

This story begins in Laguna Beach Californ-i-a I attended a spiritual teacher's training, it became a soul exposé We were lead by Dr. Steven and Dr. Doreen Our mission? To discover our divine life purpose which we hadn't fully seen When we first gathered, a simple question was asked.. What had we wanted to be as youth in our past? A vision of a humpback appeared in the eye of my mind I answered 'I wanted to work with whales and all ocean kind.' 'But, I saw the movie JAWS in the 70's and it kept me from venturing into the sea.' We all laughed at that, but the truth still stands.. A fear of lurking sharks keeps my feet on dry land On day two of our class, another question appeared... What would we do if our lives were to end in ½ a year? #1 on my list. Spend time with my scion #2 was the word whale a.k.a. leviathan That word was underlined countless times And in an instant I knew .. without doubt in my mind That ages ago I had lived in the sea I lived as a whale ! The humpback was me ! From that point on, my life purpose fell into place The moment was frozen... held timeless in space My first step? To visit the sacred humpbacks in Hawaii I listened to their instruction from the ocean off Maui While there, the wise whales commanded me to share this story with you This sacred information must be heard by many, not few I ask you now, to join forces with me Begin by listening to a past life regression of my life in the sea Also, you will hear channeling of 2 universal energies They speak through me to all of humanity We must heal our planet by changing our thought vibrations There are detailed instructions within the energy's translations As you absorb the teachings of the Great White One and Victorious Know that they seek to save all of us From the evil that is destroying the earth The evil our thoughts bring to birth I beg you to take action as the wise ones ask I know we can succeed at the task The result will be a planet living in love And all will be blessed. Upon, below and above!

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