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  • Artist: Asono
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 643157385004
  • Item #: SRD738500
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 1/2/2007
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Asono on CD

*REVIEW* Former Billboard Writer: Michael Capozzoli Jr. As seen on Michael Capozzoli Jr's Entertainment News, February 8, 2007. Michael Capozzoli Jr. ASONO 'ASONO' *DISC OF THE WEEK* Highly Recommended.A Strong Buy. ASONO's DEBUT DISC LANDS IN THE USA. IT'S The Big Break They Had To Make! A Flat-Out Great Debut Disc. Passionate Vocals. Distinctive Eclectic Lead Guitar. Minimal Powerful Rhythmn Guitar. Thunderous Bass. Dynamic Drums. BUY ASONO 'ASONO' *PRESS RELEASE* For Immediate Release GET READY FOR THE BRITISH INVASION, CIRCA 2007: POPULAR U.K. BAND ASONO SET TO BRING IT'S EDGY ROCK VIBE TO THE STATES Driven By The Powerhouse Vocals Of Lead Singer Jonny Ross, The Guitar Heavy Foursome (Average Age, 19)-Whose Debut EP One Man Army Was Helmed By Platinum Selling Producer Alan Winstanley (Bush, David Bowie, Mick Jagger)-- Reached The U.K. Final Of Emergenza's Worldwide Unsigned Competition in 2005 Asono's First Single "Street Full Of Strangers" Will Be Serviced To U.S. College Radio and Top 40 Just As The Band Begins A Monthlong Stateside Tour It's Déjà vu all over again, and indie rock in the U.S. may never be the same. In February, exactly 43 years after the Beatles came Stateside and ushered in the British Invasion, Asono-the guitar driven foursome that's become the talk of their native U.K. after less than two years on the London scene--is coming to the U.S. for the first time. The rollout is expected to be as intense as lead singer and lead guitarist Jonny Ross' dynamic stage performances and the band's music itself. Just as their first single "Street Full Of Strangers" is catching on with college radio stations and Top 40 outlets around the country-as part of a massive promotional campaign--Asono will embark on a five-week tour in February and March. This should all be heady, wide-eyed stuff for a foursome whose oldest member, drummer Oli King, is all of 20 (Ross, lead and rhythm guitarist Andrew Simmons and bassist Jason Denhart are 19). But these guys are wise and talented beyond their years, already veterans and a huge part of London's indie rock scene, which they've been playing regularly since the Summer of 2005. By a few weeks into Fall 2006, Asono had close to 50 gigs under it's belt for the year. In addition to performing at the London Astoria II, a major venue for up and coming bands, the quartet from nearby Berkshire County has headlined and filled a host of major venues on the London circuit including The Barfly, The Rock Garden, Dublin Castle, The Grand and even a headlining slot at the infamous Oxford University Summer Ball. Just as they were getting revved up in mid-2005, Asono reached the Finals of Emergenza's Unsigned Competition, an event that attracted over 1,000 unsigned acts. Since then, they've also played a cool variety of festivals, with their unforgettable 40 minute set at Guilfest 2006 landing them a live acoustic set on Delta FM. They'll also soon be doing a live acoustic set on Eagle FM, another hot London station. "After we played a gig at The Grand in April, we looked back at a video of the show and it was amazing to see the audience singing along with us, and how much fun they were having," says Simmons, who formed the group that became Asono four years ago when he, Ross and King were secondary school students; Denhart and Simmons went to grade school together years before that. "As songwriters, we find it quite brilliant the way our fans are singing along to music and words we wrote. Everyone's screaming and having a blast. It's funny to think that back in the beginning, after we'd done our share of 3 Doors Down and Finch covers, our earliest compositions didn't have lyrics. Fortunately, that changed quickly because it was hard for Jonny to keep his mouth shut!" This intense buzz caught the attention of platinum selling producer Alan Winstanley, who immediately agreed to produce Asono's EP 'Someday' after hearing a rough demo of "Street Full Of Strangers." Winstanley is well known for his work with Madness, David Bowie, Mick Jagger, Morrissey and Bush; along with his partner Clive Langer, he produced Bush's album 16 Stone, which sold six million copies in the U.S. Winstanley says, "As soon as I heard the band's first rough demo, I knew there was something special about them. They've got huge songs and a great future ahead of them especially since they are still so young!" A powerful rock singer with a stadium filling vocal power, Ross-who generally instigates the band's songwriting process for each tune--has quickly developed into a charismatic showman who rivets crowds the minute he hits the stage. His lead guitar work blends perfectly with Simmons' lead and rhythm guitar to create a unique mood for every song. Denhart's driving bass patterns and King's technical skin wizardry create an ambitious yet concrete platform from which the two guitarists can really express themselves. "The other thing that makes our shows a blast is that we're energetic players and we run around a lot," Simmons laughs. "We always have a good laugh and play with the crowd a bit, a spirit that reflects our great friendship with each other offstage. We're like four identical twins, and we love playing squash and soccer together, go to Rugby matches and are often up late playing Tiger Woods 2004 on the Playstation. Does that make us sound like nerds? "Johnny in particular is something of a standup comedian, always friendly with the crowd. He's the ultimate approachable and interactive lead singer, as opposed to the typical arrogant, emotionally distant frontman so many bands have these days." Beyond all the intense musicianship and exciting stage presence, Asono's real heart lay in it's songs, emotionally complex, stylistically diverse rock tracks that show a maturity way beyond each member's chronological years. The band has thus far released two EPs, the three song Someday (2005) and four song One Man Army (2006); they have combined them into a single mini-album which has been an extraordinary seller from the bandstand and whose sales are bound to increase with a distribution deal and the release of the single "Street Full Of Strangers." This melodic, soaring anthem is a reflective tune that Denhart explains is about "the loneliness and emptiness people feel while walking down the street, passing people you may meet and many you may never meet again. You always hope you'll see someone you recognize. It really started out from people watching from a café window." That track is a lighthearted romp compared to the fiery riffs and dark edges and theme of "One Man Army," which was partially inspired by the shadowy vibe of the film Sin City. Simmons says, "In a way, it's about women of the night and serial killers, but looking at them from the outside as if we were watching a movie. There are splashes of color throughout the dark little story." Planning as they are to come to the U.S., the four members of Asono will soon be able to see if the vision of Los Angeles they portray in "She Loves L.A" is accurate. "This one was written as a dirty love song," Simmons offers. "This guy loves the lady and takes her to L.A., where she falls in love with the lifestyle but says she's no longer in love with him. The uplifting twist is that he eventually wants her out of his life. Even though we enjoy telling compelling stories, we also like to leave a little to the listener's imagination." Asono's success on the U.K. indie scene is all the more remarkable in light of the fact that most indie bands that are making it big have a softer drum, singer songwriter type vibe, and these guys are all about, as Denhart says, "keeping the old rock alive with a modern twist. Though it's been a blast playing for British audiences, our sound has been influenced by a number of great American bands and we're looking forward to seeing what it's like out there, playing for the first time for U.S. fans. It's a really exciting time for us."

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