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Sonic Resistance
  • Artist: At the Spine
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 837101324533
  • Item #: SRD132453
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 4/17/2007
  • This product is a special order
Price: $16.76
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Sonic Resistance on CD

"Not unlike their late -70's brethren, At the Spine's guitar-driven punk gems draw inspiration from political struggles. The difference, it would seem, is that where many politically- minded punk bands of yore were content to shout out threats at 'The Man' and curse the establishment, At the Spine crafts intelligent, stimulating songs framing each in a personal and reliable manner. 'Battle on Seattle,' for example, culls memories of the 1999 WTO protests while 'Joys of Oil' examines the Iraq war and America's dependence on black gold. At the Spine's explosive melodies and withering guitar work build into expansive solos, particularly on 'Iron Lake.' Now two full-time members strengthen the band's sound, making the band's third album the most impressive to date." (Katie Sauro, Sound Magazine, June 2007). 'Making lasting, politically-minded rock music without sounding didactic is nearly impossible. At the Spine have been bravely walking that fine line over the course of two solid albums, and find the perfect balance their third time around with Sonic Resistance.' (Editor,, April 2007). 'They've been called it all: the next Pixies, just like early Fugazi, early Guided by Voices, early Neil Young. ...after checking out their album, I can say that these guys stand on their own feet. Comparisons aren't really necessary...' (Leah Sottile, Inlander Weekly, Spokane, WA. March 10, 2005). 'the sound of perfectly serrated pop' (Portland Mercury, Portland, OR. Vol 6 No. 5, June 30, 2005). "Sonic Resistance brings together a powerful combination of indie and powerpop with a bit of rock through their lyrics and instruments. Sonic Resistance is the third release by At the Spine with Sonic Resistance coming out above and beyond their previous releases. Sonic resistance has a style similar to Husker Du and sound like Sonic Youth while still coming out with a very unique and enjoyable style." (TruePunk, June 2007) "Politically-minded garage-punks At the Spine eschew protest songs in favor of intelligent digestible gems like 'Battle in Seattle'. (Monthly Show Highlights, Sound Magazine, July 2007). 'blissfully impervious to whatever fad his indie-rock peers are currently into. Even after a few listens (the album) keeps on revealing quirky new hooks, new layers.' (Time Out NY, NYC, NY October 2005). 'name dropping doesn't really do this music justice. If you like those bands, you'll like this, but At the Spine is really it's own unique blend of rock 'n' roll.' (Ari Joffe, Punk Planet, Chicago, Issue 69, September/October 2005). At the Spine loves to rock. We also love to see other unpretentious folks rock too, across all genres of music (...and film, art, journalism, etc.). We believe in the power of music. We try to be good folks. We try to play good music. We try to put on energetic and sincere live shows. We try to do what we can to create a more just, equitable, and sustainable planet. We are sometimes compared to other bands or mixtures of other bands. This is understandable, as many folks like reference points, but we are not trying to imitate or copy anyone. We have listened to a wide variety of music in our lifetimes and it has obviously helped shape who we are and what we play, but our intent is definitely to do our own thing. If it crosses over to some other artists, so it is, if not, all the better. We don't set out to be political. We write about what we have experienced and seen in the world. Sometimes it is about politics, sometimes it is about relationships and love. Sometimes we are raging against something, like war or imperialism, and sometimes we are celebrating something in solidarity with the masses of the world. Sometimes we cry tears of sorrow and sometimes tears of joy. Music has inspired us, moved us, and kept us alive though the good and the bad times, so we are doing our best to return the favor to all those that have come before us, and all those that will come after us. Your support is greatly appreciated.

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