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Wish of a Rolling Stone
  • Artist: Athug
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 634479547713
  • Item #: SRD954771
  • Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
  • Release Date: 5/1/2007
  • This product is a special order
Price: $9.58
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Wish of a Rolling Stone on CD

Who is A-THUG? For those who might not know. Well my names Aaron. I grew up on the west side of Harlem, Broadway. I'm half Panamanian And Afican America. I'm a Sagittarius. I'm very family orientated as far as the movement and my relatives. I'm the type of person that always sees the best in people, even when shit is f***ed up. I believe in keeping things well balanced. I'm a true believer that if you don't believe in yourself, nothing happens. It starts with you believing in yourself first. Sometimes you also got to watch who you talk to about what you trying to do. Sometimes you got to just do it. Like that Nike commercial, you know like me. I'm a main example of turning nothing into something. I don't really roll with a crowd because people try to watch the swag. It's like they envy on the low. You always got to watch your circle, especially when you getting bread and you a shot caller. Every since I dropped the shot caller mix tape everybody want to be a shot caller. Right now I got the underground scene buzzing! A lot of people is wondering why I'm not rich; I tell them everybody got their time to shine. I'm just putting in that work, paying my dues. The loyalty I obtain will get me far in the game. CREATIVE-NOT YOUR AVERAVE SAME OL SONG. fROM BEETS TO LYRIC'S WISH OF AROLLING STONE IS IN A CLASS BY ITSELF.IF YOU WANT A CHANGE THIS IS WHERE IT'S AT. ENTERTAINING-'ENOUGH TO RELATE HIT YOU IN THE HEART, STIMULATE YOUR MIND, MAKE YOU DANCE,BRING LAUGHS,FEEL PAIN AND EMPTHY. A YOUNG HUSTLERS RYHME BOOK FROM STREETS,DRUGS,WOMEN AND INCARATION. WITTY-YOU REALLY GET TO KNOW A-THUG FIST HAND, THE FLOW IS UNCANNY,BEETS IS BANGIN AND LYRICALLY INCLINE. GET A SENSE OF YOUR FAVORITE M.C. UNIVERSAL-ALTHOUGH A-THUGGAS REP'S HARLEM TO THE FULLEST. HIS WORDPLAY AND CONFIDENCE IS HANDS ON FOR THE GLOBE TO ENDURE FROM N.Y. DIRTY SOUTH TO CALI EVEN OVER SEA'S CAN FEEL THE ENERGY. ICON MITAPE ATHUGGA QUOTE " With the icon mixtape I'm bringing a different Powerful energy to the league. It goes beyond music and money. I'm a songwriter with vision; I'm an artist that writes hip hop, R&B, and pop records. I've also been into film/directing for a little while which lead up to megastar DVD and films. . I am the complete package. It goes beyond killing,drug dealing and the average story line on a record. I'm that next wave, new genre of hip hop, especially on the eastcoast ..especially the westside of harlem. I'm not selling albums; I'm selling a way of life." the label is 'Black Rolling Stones' it's a movement that will not only help me and my family but many others. It 's sincere..i get the chills just talking about it'.I also wanna take a sec, to pray for those praying on my downfall'. i quote still i rise'.

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