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Bike Rock
  • Artist: Attila Horvath
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 783707231808
  • Item #: SRD723180
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 12/13/2005
  • This product is a special order
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Bike Rock on CD

BIKE ROCK the debut album by ATTILA HORVATH Attila Horvath is a songwriter, guitarist, drummer, bassist, singer, and-a cyclist. It's his passion for both riding and rock n roll that led him to record his solo debut 'Bike Rock', an album that can be described as 'self-powered' not only because of the cycling subject matter of many songs, but also because he plays and sings the record on his own. Becoming the Bike Rocker wasn't Attila's initial plan, but when he found himself without a band for the first time in 5 years, he decided to record a couple of songs, playing all the parts, just for fun. His long-time hard-rock trio Akimbo had dissolved, and there were quite a few tunes he had penned that the band hadn't gotten around to playing, many of which were inspired by his time riding the hills and hollows near his home in Athens, Ohio. First on his list to record was 'Ride On', an acoustic guitar driven tune about the 'freedom and speed and balance' found out on the road. Recording 'Ride On' went so well that the small side project that was to wrap up in a few hours quickly snowballed into a full album. Most songwriters approach their craft from the perspective of what they love or long for, and Attila is no exception. What makes him a bit different, though, is that the bulk of the songs on his record show a love and longing for riding bikes, not your typical Top 40 fare to be sure, and thank goodness. Bike Rock reveals a depth of experience on the road and over singletrack that only thousands of miles in the saddle can give. The sublime moments of a good descent roll along with feeling road rage-in other words, these songs cover what cycling is in the real world, with a rockin' sensibility that will get it's hooks into you even if you've never pedaled a mile. BIO: Attila Horvath as born in the Cleveland, Ohio suburb of Westlake in 1974, and grew up in a Hungarian-speaking household. Both his parents were immigrants, and he learned his ancestral language first. He started learning guitar when he was in junior high, but never took playing music seriously until relatively late, toward the end of his college days, when he picked up bass guitar for practical reasons. No one else that was available for his first genuine attempt at forming a band had a bass, so he bought a used rig and dove right in. The bass became his main instrument for years to come, and he performed double duty in his first band Akimbo, commanding the low frequencies as well as singing. Learning the drums came later, after buying a 50 dollar kit from a thrift store. Attila now lives in Athens, Ohio, where he's put together a kick-ass touring band poised to unleash Bike Rock upon the world.

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