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In His Name
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In His Name on CD

'In His Name' is a recording of Christian hymns. The recording features Auden as soloist where on some of the selections he plays the violin, on others he alternates between the violin and viola, and he presents sacred rap in one of the selections... 'In His Name' features well-known classics of the sacred repertoire, as well as more modern contemporary compositions. The selections are presented in a refreshing variety of styles: How Great Thou Art: This old favorite begins with a lyrical violin acapella portion, then a piano chorded-counterpoint accompaniment joins in as the violin shifts to a variant scale-mode, then finally a full piano accompaniment develops as the violin climaxes in a major scale-mode to a grand-finale, expressing a sense of holy awe and praise to the great Creator. God and God Alone: This well-known contemporary hymn is performed in a soothing yet majestic fashion, the violin solo is accompanied by piano and an orchestral arrangement. He Touched Me: This well-known song features the violin with a poetic, very rich and delicate piano accompaniment. I'd Rather Have Jesus: This classic hymn features the viola, violin and guitar. This selection is performed in a very relaxed Chicago-bluesy style, and it will inspire you to sing or hum along the words of the old hymn if you know it. I Come to the Garden Alone: This old hymn is performed fully acapella on the violin. It is played in three verses where the first verse is rendered on a low octave in a minor scale-mode, the second verse is presented on a higher octave in a major scale-mode, and the third verse is performed with double stops and chorded bow-strokes in a way that hints at the 'Bach Unaccompanied' classical style. Pass Me Not: This hymn is performed in a full-bodied lyrical style. The violin and viola solos are accompanied by piano and an orchestral arrangement. People Need the Lord: This modern hymn is performed in a flowing and lyrical arrangement... The violin solo is accompanied by piano and an orchestral arrangement. Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus: This classic rendition is performed with a deep jazz influence. Both the violin and the viola are featured alternatively in a smooth and lyrical arrangement. The Old Rugged Cross: This solemn and spiritually scenic rendition of this old hymn depicts the moments culminating in the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus. The violin is accompanied by piano and an orchestral arrangement that reflects the solemnity of this hymn. Holy Ground: This modern hymn is performed in a meditative style. Distant taiko drumbeats can be heard occasionally in the background promoting a 'Mount Sinai sense' of truly standing on holy ground. The violin solo is accompanied by piano and an orchestral arrangement. Amazing Grace: A massive dose of creative liberty was taken with the arrangement of this great classic spiritual. Amazing Grace is performed in three phases. The first phase, spoken by Auden, is in urban rap genre. The rap lyrics begin with verses from the first chapter of the gospel of John. The lyrics are accompanied by a very powerful orchestration, with the Amazing Grace melody hauntingly played by the violin in a minor scale-mode in the spaces between the rap lyrics... The second phase transitions to a much more familiar rendition of the Amazing Grace melody. This phase is rendered in a heavy southern gospel style with the violin rendering a passionate performance of this old favorite... The third and final phase transitions to a grandiose cathedral-style rendition of this old favorite. Scottish bagpipes and the unmistakably powerful sound of a great cathedral pipe organ are used in that phase. We Shall Behold Him / In A Little While...: This well-known contemporary favorite begins with an 'end-of-days' musical setting, where the four horsemen of Revelation can be heard in the background, then a soothing angelic voice recites the promise of the New Jerusalem coming down to earth, then the violin starts with the We Shall Behold Him melody the solo transitions between violin and viola, and there is also an interlude that features the old hymn 'In a Little While We're Going Home'. Auden enjoys music, has undergraduate and graduate degrees in engineering and a concentration in violin performance. He works as an IT consultant; he also freelances as a musician, and teaches violin & viola - He is married to Marina and has four daughters. Auden dedicates this CD to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and trusts it will be a blessing to you.

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