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  • Artist: Audric Jankauskas
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 837101428279
  • Item #: SRD142827
  • Genre: Jazz
  • Release Date: 11/20/2007
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Origins on CD

Bio- Audric Jankauskas has many accomplishments that are note worthy. He received recognition in Guitar Player magazine as a 'very impressive, over-the-top fusion guitar player'. One of his original compositions, titled Inner Force, was chosen to be included in the prestigious Philadelphia Jazz Showcase CD Compilation released by the nationally recognized WRTI radio station. He was a featured guest on 'Bob Miles World of Guitars', a cable TV show known for featuring some of the world's greatest guitarists, which also is the only show like it in the world. Jankauskas's guitar work can be heard throughout Philly Flash, an independent motion picture released by Impulse Entertainment. Several compositions on "Origins" are collaborations between Audric Jankauskas and Pat Robinson. Patrick Robinson has written and produced music for several independent films, award winning documentaries, and commercials. He has produced, engineered, and/or performed on dozens of records including several charting on Billboard. He has also performed live onstage with the Classics Four, Gilby Clark (of Guns and Roses), and Renegade. Personal Liner Notes- This CD project all started off simply by being inspired and motivated from listening back to recordings of some impromptu jam sessions that the four of us engaged in perhaps a couple years prior to making the 'Origins' CD. The members of the 'Origins' project have another CD titled 'OuterLimits' (1996), which also started off from the same roots. As it turned out, 'OuterLimits' became a favorite for many listeners, so over a decade later we really felt the urge to reunite to work on a new project. Again, we wanted to create an album of contemporary-jazz/fusion music with all the essential elements that are expected... creativity, interactivity, and high level musicianship. But we also wanted each tune to be able to stand on it's own merit compositionally, without getting too complex. All four of us seem to gravitate towards writing groove based tunes that include that special melody (the 'hook', as some prefer to say) that the listener just can't get out of their head. Most people seem to relate to original music more when these simple concepts are kept in place, especially when the music is within the realm of instrumental jazz. The very first track titled 'Taree Ali' was written by Pat Robinson. I remember the very first moment he presented this piece to me, I got excited as I knew his tune potentially could be a great tune to be added to the 'Origins' CD project! A year later as I juggled around the order of tunes for the CD playlist, I made the decision to make it the opening track. It really kicks off the playlist in an exciting, uplifting, and inviting way with it's fast tempo 5/4 feel. Second in the playlist is a more intense piece as the title 'Extreme Seventeen' suggests. This is a unique fusion style tune I recently composed (2005). The funky 17/8 groove presented somewhat of a challenge on many levels. Since the downbeat naturally feels like it's late by just one eighth note, it was important to be in command of the rhythm to be able to solo in an effective way. Tracks three, four and five, sound distinctively different from each other, yet these pieces are the heart of the 'Origins' project. These tunes developed in the same unique fashion as several tracks found on the earlier 'OuterLimits' CD. This particular quartet loves to hook up for open-ended jam sessions whenever possible. And... something good always comes out of it! The tunes 'Serendipitous', 'The Time That Was', and 'Toot Uncommon', are all the end results of spontaneous improvised on-the-spot composing, that fortunately was captured while recording recent jam sessions. The intuitive and creative forces of all four musicians are revealed while listening back to the carefree jam session recordings. Very often Glenn and Paul would be locking in on a fresh idea with the bass and drums, and moments later Pat and myself spontaneously created harmonic and melodic ideas that ultimately became the cornerstones of these tunes. There seems to be a special beauty about musical ideas that originate as musicians float in the zone of free expression, especially when all the elements connect. That in turn seems to connect with the listener, which is why I feel these tunes add a special dimension to the CD as a whole. 'Brisas Alegre' is a revamp of an earlier recording of the same tune formerly known as 'Barbados Dance' found on my CD titled 'Sponge'. The composition reveals the influences of listening to, and very much admiring the artistry of Carlos Jobin. Paul Deck juxtaposes the bossa rhythm of my guitar chords with a straight rock beat on his drums, which creates an unusual rhythmic interaction. The solo section takes off into a distinctly different harmonic feel as it shifts from the head's minor mode to the solo section's major mode. Finally, the CD's title track. 'Origins', is a composition that I wrote over 20 years ago, but I never had the opportunity before to record it the way it was meant to be. What can I say?... better late than never! Anyway, this tune seems to be just perfect to end the CD. It evokes memories of countless different jazz/fusion artists from the past that have had a significant influence on all the members of the band. Thanks to Pat, Glenn, and Paul for making this CD come together! Audric Jankauskas.