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  • Artist: August Sky
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 692863050225
  • Item #: CDBY305022
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 10/14/2003
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'August Sky' is the love-child of Patricia White and David Reichenbacher who found each other in the snowy sticks of Maine in mid-Winter, 21 years ago, and whose symbiotic relationship took hold under a late-night August sky as they lay on a beach by a lake and watched the Perseids meteor shower. She was editor of a weekly newspaper and an eclectic published writer of fiction, poetry and novellas. He wrote, too, and also was publisher of a small press that used hand-set type and original woodblocks. Their first joint venture was Patricia's book of Zen poetry entitled 'Riverstones'. Later, they wrote and produced plays, gave poetry readings embellished with original music, taught Creative Writing courses to adults and teenagers, and hosted writing retreats. David taught in a little country school. Patricia painted and exhibited. When they moved to Philly (her home town) in '92 (he was from Boston originally) to take care of Patricia's aging mother, they soaked up the City life like a sponge; ushered at theaters and concerts; took day trips; discovered chocolate bread pudding; took classes in yoga, tai chi, qi gong...and, most ambitiously, mosaic'd walls in gardens, on store fronts, in school hallways, with mirror, tile, pottery, colored glass and a lot of imagination. Their songs, which often begin with poems and ruminations, reflect their sensitivity to their environment and the people around them. Thus you have images of City life juxtaposed with that of the idyllic solitude they experienced in Maine...i.e., 'The Bag Lady', 'In the Heat of the City', '3 A.M.' 'August Sky', 'Spring in Philadelphia', 'In Your Arms', etc. There is also a sensuality, even eroticism, to many of their love songs, such as 'Cover Me', 'Past Tense', 'Reflections'; and rich harmonies. David often composes on the piano and translates to the guitar. Patricia's only instrument is her voice: no histrionics, no 5-octave range -- just simple, heart-felt delivery in her 'smokey lounge' alto (though she doesn't smoke). Their live performances are often bare-bones acoustic and they are backed up by Dan Giandomenico's bass. The CDs, however, are brilliantly arranged by Brian McShane, who adds most of the extra instrumentation, including Hammond organ, percussion, drums, various guitars (lap steel, Rickenbacker 6-string, Fender, etc.) David and Patricia and their romantic natures live in a mosaic-covered rowhouse in Center City, Philadelphia, with two dogs and three cats.