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Whitelite Britelite
  • Artist: Auradrone
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 884501094023
  • Item #: 141670X
  • Genre: Electronic
  • Release Date: 2/3/2009
  • Rank: 1000000000
Price: $11.61

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Whitelite Britelite on CD

Auradrone is a creative force of passion and innovation, fast-forwarding us into a new sonic epoch. Masterminded by the multi-talented Jon Mack, Auradrone mixes sensuality and deep spirit into ultramodern post-rock electronic music, creating a multimedia experience with maximized appeal: to heal and transform, to bring you back to yourself, and then take you elsewhere. Jon began faceting her diamond at an early age, singing, teaching herself guitar, and forming the mystical vision that propels her today. A child of the theater, she become active in chorus and drama in high school, continuing studies at the Tisch School of Arts at NYU and the Lee Strasberg Institute in Los Angeles. Taking all conventional learning and expanding it to a higher level, she has transcended her craft beyond the simple artistic action and has used the heat from every fire to forge newer elements with which to experiment...and to transform into alchemist's gold. While performing at major Los Angeles rock clubs and developing the material for Auradrone's debut release, 'Whitelite Britelite', Jon's music and stage persona caught the interest of industry heavyweights who have aided her in developing Auradrone's signature sound. Absorbing these inspirations, she records, mixes, remixes and produces her own material in addition to performance and writing. The result is a diverse and innovative sound that entertains the mind and body alike, resonating to the frequencies of your modern life. 'Whitelite Britelite' is scheduled for release in early 2009, ending the first decade of a new millennium with a sound ahead of the curve in progressive American music. Are you ready? We are already there....