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Return to the Breath
  • Artist: Autumn
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 792733018024
  • Item #: CDBY18024
  • Genre: Heavy Metal
  • Release Date: 9/18/2012
  • This product is a special order
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Return to the Breath on CD

Autumn began as a collaborative effort between bassist Jeff Leyda and guitarist Neil McKay in the summer of 1992. Frustrated with what they perceived as an overkill of garage bands in Minneapolis, who were more concerned with conforming to prescribed formulas for success than creating music as an expression of the soul, they found their musical interests melted into a voice that grew stronger with every practice. In February of 1994, they enlisted vocalist Julie Plante, and the three shared a vision that rapidly expanded over the following months. By July of 1994, Autumn had put together a strong set, a collection of songs that represented the swirling blend of passions they had each brought to the creative process. To describe Autumn's sound is a complex task. Intricate guitar work twines seductively with pounding bass, creating moods at once tempestuous and vulnerable. Powerfully intelligent lyrics are accompanied by expressive vocals, and the entire set is backed by a highly sculpted percussive framework. The influence of early eighties new wave and gothic is apparent, as well as classical, baroque and today's darker industrial music. In live performances, Autumn fills it's songs with an intense, driving element that leaves it's audiences transfixed. Such a performance is what caught the eye of TESS RECORDS, who later signed Autumn in June of 1995. They have since held the stage with the likes of CLAN OF XYMOX, FAITH AND THE MUSE, SWITCHBLADE SYMPHONY, LYCIA, THE WAKE and SUNSHINE BLIND. Autumn's debut CD THE HATING TREE, released in early 1997, was well received worldwide, and gained the band recognition as a fresh and creative new force in their musical genre. In mid-2000, the band released their second full length album, entitled RETURN TO THE BREATH. This album takes the band into new dimensions of sound; exploring acoustic guitars, live percussion and synthesizers, while still maintaining the key musical elements found in their first release. Interviews with the band have appeared in GHASTLY, CARPE NOCTEM and ZILLO (Germany) magazines, and the band has been featured on several compilations, including an exclusive track on the AIDS awareness compilation on Mere Mortal records entitled DEATH FOR LIFE. Autumn is a trio of individuals intent on leaving a biting impact on today's music scene; through their raw emotion they will do just that.

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