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Vision on the Rise
  • Artist: Ava
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 667329598023
  • Item #: CDBY959802
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 7/11/2006
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Price: $13.18
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Vision on the Rise on CD

Vision On The Rise, described as a 'Definately once in a millennium CD,' is a wonderfully-daring uniquely-eclectic blend of 17 original tracks that range immeasureably in style from folk-jazz, broadway-rock, a couple rap numbers, to some cleverly enigmatic nuances in between. (Track 18 is Ava's trademark ending to shows and CDs--a powerfully-exquisite operatic aria.) Instrumentation includes piano, sax, flute, clarinet, bass, drums, percussion, guitar, backup vocals and a song with kids. With music that is hauntingly mesmerizing, spiritual, satirical, personally and politically inspirational, bittersweet, sensual, earthy, and downright extraordinary, this self-produced Vision On The Rise is a successful complex of unconventional at it's finest. Buyer response has included 'Your voice and music are beyond incredible! Get out there, or you're doing yourself and the world a disservice!' 'I've got chills!' 'It's so unique!' 'Why aren't you number one yet? You should be?' People have also said 'What style is this!?' Ava states 'Music is about communication. Music is about building bridges. You can't put limits on expression, and that's what this album is about for me....My hope is that this album pushed the envelope. That people can relate to it, and it let's them know and see that they don't have to get caught up in a format. Experiment. Get in touch with your own ways of self-expression. I wanted this album to be something people would like, but even if they don't, I'll always have it. When I'm old or dead I want my grandchildren to be able to hear it and for me to be proud of it. Hopefully, it's like a tattoo you still want when you're old.' (Oakland Tribune, Dec. 1st, 1998) ? fans say: Fragile aggression stitched into a musical crazy quilt; 2006 Reviewer: Lester Allouiscious McToil (Oakland, CA United States) Ava's opinions of the material and spiritual world are as varied as the many genres of music she employs throughout 'Vision on The Rise'. Before you have the chance to delve into the lyrical and instrumental content of this CD, you're pleasantly assaulted by Ava's smart, lavish and meticulous vocal arrangements. Her heavenly blessed vox both pierces and caresses your senses as it effortlessly flows from ethereal to playful often within the same breath. But what I personally find the most satisfying about 'Vision' is that Ava's exquisite voice is gifted to us via her impressive original lyrics. Stripped bare of her amazing voice and her stellar collection of musicians, Ava's song writing talents are what I feel give the album lasting credibility and weight. This golden-haired chanteuse wears her heart on her sleeve, her writing quill and her microphone, and if you take my advice and LISTEN to 'Vision on The Rise', you will be rewarded with it's abundance. From start to finish this record is a testament to Ava's unyielding conviction that a person's art need NEVER be compromised nor categorized, and that it's aesthetic scope be free and limitless. 'Vision on The Rise' has become an integral addition to my life and not just my CD player. Eclectic One-of-a-Kind Gem Reviewer: A music fan AVA's VISION ON THE RISE truly is a one-of-a-kind gem, worthy of far-reaching acclaim. Many Kudos to her--her voice, music, and vision. I look forward to her next masterpiece! Envision of the rise Reviewer: james martinez (Piedmont, California) Neclectic, interesting, a great first attempt! From personally knowing the artist to experiencing her in her CD I have gathered inspiration and a great intensity that is Ava! She is a strong woman with strong ideas and a potentially powerful voice! The power indeed is in what she has to say and how she expresses herself, which come across in her CD 'Vision on the Rise'! I enjoyed her wonderful songs, from ballads to 'The Barbie Song' she has an interesting outlook that I think is the deeply felt idea of personal freedom and the intangible war of the self! I believe Ava does have a beautiful voice..(always a but) but I feel she could manage her voice in a different effect for a variety of songs! Thank you for your time, j ?I ENJOY THIS CD A LOT!!!!! Reviewer: A music fan I enjoy AVA's VISION ON THE RISE a lot!! It is a very eclectic group of songs. AVA's lyrics are extremely creative, poetic, and evoke incredibly vivid images...sometimes poignant and pensive...sometimes fun and whimsical...and other times, raw and explosive. The harmonies are very original. Arrangements are interesting, with a mixture of jazz, rock, and new age. AVA has a very strong, rich voice and her delivery is passionate and authentic. Thumbs Up! WOW! Should be # 1! Reviewer: A music fan Wow! It's a credit to her. AVA's voice is wonderful and very expressive! I have enjoyed so much listening to her CD. It is intense and vital and bespeaks of struggle and triumph. Good luck to her! I hope it is successful. She should be number one!!I loved her rendition of Vissi D'Arte. I am a great opera fan and believe me, she is as good as any of them. I particularily liked the following tracks too - Beside - Right Now - Peace - and so on and on. The Barbie track was very amusing and clever. I also liked her 'rap' song. So much variety. The whole CD is very professional. I like the cover, the title and the title song too. Go girl, you've got style!! Something for everyone Reviewer: A music fan Vision on the Rise is an exciting find for anyone who wonders where all the melodies have gone. Ava has a gift for melody. Her music is also in a variety of styles with a lot of rhythm and creative and varied instrumentation. The use of the saxophone is especially effective. Buyers of this CD certainly get their money's worth. There is over an hour of music with 18 songs. All but one is an original composition by Ava. She also wrote the lyrics. They convey a message. She tells it like it is. And somewhere in the message there is always a vision of hope. The lyrics are all included in the booklet. Far and away, the best instrument on the CD is Ava's own rich, expressive voice. She is a true singer. Her diction is excellent, so the listener can understand the lyrics. There is something for everyone here. This listener's favorites include 'Can't Run' for it's message, lively rhythm and instrumentation; 'Wake Up' for it's liveliness, contrast, message, instrumentation, and use of Ava's voice; 'If I Was A Barbie' for it's humor; 'A Child's Rights' for the melody, the energetic singing of the children, and the saxophone; 'Leprechauns & Moonbeams' for it's melody and message; 'Dancing Under The Ruins' for it's melody, contrasts and use of Ava's voice. On another day this list might be different, but three songs would always be included on any list of mine. 'Right Now' stands out as a song that has everything - a message that speaks to most people, a beautiful melody, the excitement of a male/female duet in a love song, Ava's lovely obligato, and great use of the saxophone and other instruments. 'Beside' is also a special song with lyrics describing the ideal modern relatonship,a lovely melody and a female duet. The CD ends with the only song that Ava didn't compose, the lovely aria 'Vissi d'arte', in which Ava demonstrates the quality of her voice and the classiness of her singing. This is a 'must try it' CD! ?A Gutsy, Ingeniously Passionate Coloring Outside The Lines! Reviewer: A music fan BRAVA AVA!This CD is a one-of-a-kind gem in a DJ's stacks of sound-alikes. AVA's music is an undaunted, solidly polished rock grounded in integrity, social consciousness, and pure passion.Moving effortlessly from 'Takes Everyone,'--a gut-getting rap about rape--to 'A Child's Rights,'-- a beautifully-moving song about and with the innocence of children, AVA's music stirs the listener's heart.Like Ani DeFranco's conviction to a different and deeper drum, AVA's songs range in style and expression. They're kind of folk, jazz, rock, and broadway burned into one jewel of a CD.AVA's voice is like a fine-tuned instrument she uses with ease to share her unique music, message, and emotions. Rich. Versatle. Powerful. And a range beyond ranges!The instrumentation is clever and smooth--as with such melts from emphatic sax lines into a hypnotizing clarinet blended seemlessly with AVA's mesmerizing vocals in the jazz-rock CD opener, 'Can't Run.'Passion. Politics. Play.VISION ON THE RISE is an incredible coloring outside the lines. AVA shares a unique, soulful expression sure to touch something in everyone!BRAVA AVA! Bold and intriguing. Give it a listen!! Reviewer: A music fan Ava's debut CD captures the sole and essence of a true 'chameleon' artist. Ava's music and perceptible influences span the range of eclectic pop with opera and urban funk thrown in. Her vocal range is superb. Soaring melodies and gritty lyrics are reminiscent of an early Tori Amos or Kate Bush. If your looking for gritty, introspective, music that makes you stand up and say 'Wow, that's different'. Look no further. This is quality alternative music at it peak. She will truly be a star in the not to distant future.??Thoughtful and eclectic debut release Reviewer: A music fan Vision on the Rise is a fantasic debut CD. The songs are an eclectic mix of folk, rock and pop. Ava's songwriting is a thoughtful blend of social consciousness, emotional turmoil, and good old-fashioned romance. The ballads 'Beside' and 'Right Now' are truly standout performances. The chorus of children's voices on 'A Child's Rights' gives real passion to this song, a timely reminder to nurture our future generations. And 'If I Was A Barbie' pokes cynical fun at our image-crazed society. Ava's voice has the range to hit the high notes and low notes with equal strength, and the accompanying musicians are right in step with her. As a plus, the liner notes are complete with all lyrics, something too many artists omit. Vision On the Rise is a good show all around!

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