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  • Artist: Avocado Baby
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 766433131321
  • Item #: CDBYS31321
  • Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
  • Release Date: 1/27/2004
  • This product is a special order
Price: $20.70
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Natural on CD

By Darius Ducketts -In Stores Now magazine If there was ever any question about Seattle eventually producing a significant hip-hop figure, all skepticism can officially be shelved. Avocado Baby, with a little help from his patna's at Ducky Records has dropped one of the hottest albums in rap this year period. Avocado is not just another rapper that sings. He is a rapper that can sing (an essential distinction). But do not for a second think that one of his talents is just a decoration for the other. Simply put: it's legit. By the time Doin' it Ducky hits it's spin, the stellar production of Ducky producer B Power Biggs is introduced to this now thirsty reviewer. The verses by Avocado Baby on this song as well as on the entire record are flawlessly spit and extremely versatile. 'Motherf***ers wanna get the best of me/ but y'all can't comprehend what my best can be/ I got more buck than a piranha in a creek and I might just be a millionaire before I go to sleep.' The crowning achievement of Avocado Baby as a rapper is his ability to combine extremely visionary lyrics (in which his humility is always present, a pre-requisite for this rap snob) with a flow delivered with very obvious musicianship. It becomes apparent that this album is up to snuff with B Power Biggs produced Love Song. This track is a very heartfelt and relevant tribute to his hometown Seattle and the people that helped cultivate him into the person that he is today. 'And I give all my love/ to all my boys in Seattle that just don't give a f***.' It is with this track that we are first introduced to Avocado Baby the singer, and it is fairly shocking. It took me awhile to realize that the dude singin' the hooks was the same dude rappin' the verses! Love Song is one of those jams that comes on the radio and you actually like it on a 'I'm gonna cop this shit' type of level. Yes, I Don't Need Much is a full Avocado production. He sings the hook, spits the verses, and produced the beat. This song isn't quite as dynamic as a lot of the others, but conceptually it is one of the most impressive. With each verse he wants more and more. First, all he needs is a 'big ass bag of Top Ramen,' then he needs 'a season package to the supersonics/ bills to go from B.C. to chronic', and finally 'some Gucci stitched on everything I got, I need some Cristal for the party on my yacht.' It pokes fun at the common dilemma of rappers, himself included, who want to be street and bougie at the same time. One of the most flooring moments on the album hits with the Christion-based The Anthem. Avocado waxes r&b thug on this self produced track. The beat is definitely the hottest of Avocado's production catalogue. 'I stick it to your daughter/ then I go hit that forty-water.' The song is still stuck in my head and I'm not trippin' if it stays there just a little while longer. It becomes apparent that this guy is not playin' around when he features the angelic voice of the first lady of Ducky Records: Rachel Franco. This is the first song to expose the production talents of K.C. Wescott, who judging by the three beats on The Natural that he is responsible for and the sneak previews of beats that are going to be on future Ducky projects I would say that this guy is one of the hottest up and coming producers on the west coast right now. The level of professionalism that is achieved here is truly unorthodox for a brand new artist putting out his first album. It's Love puts boy girl duets like Fabolous and Ashanti to shame. This is a shining jewel of the album and is worthy of becoming a west coast classic love song. Can't say enough about this track, you gotta hear for yourself. That's Life is B Power and Avi at their finest. 'This track is like my evil twin getting' shit off his chest. We lost our guy like the week before and I made this a day or two after the funeral. I was lookin' at shit in the worst light possible. This might be my personal favorite just because I feel like when I was younger and goin' through some thangs I would have wanted me to make a song like this. With every joint I try to expose a different side of myself and make sure that every voice that has ever pulled weight inside of my head gets heard.' The Funkadelic sampled beat is one of the cleanest on the album and the verses are some of Avi's best choppin'. Ask around and the title track The Natural will most likely be the favorite track of anyone who's heard the album. He dismisses the white boy thing real quickly- 'they call me a wigga because I learn a little bit from everybody that I kick it with.' K.C. Wescott kills competition with this absolute tornado of a beat. The most powerful beat, rapping, and hook on the entire album. Ducky Records stand the f*** up. K.C. Wescott comes back relentlessly on Big Boys, which gets us acquainted with Hella Maze and Flossy. Flossy let's em' know- 'rap you up in plastic sonny throw you in the lake/ so fresh so clean O.K./ f*** wit' Flossy no way.' This track puts Ducky on the map. The album closes out with a Flossy track, and it-is-killin' em'. They borrow a beat from B2K and harden up 'Girfriend' into their own: F*** Friend. Flossy shows that he clearly has next. I'm hungry for it. If you plan on coppin' anything, even if you don't like rap, it's worth pickin' up The Natural. It will not disappoint.

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