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  • Artist: Axstasy
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 614346025995
  • Item #: SRD602599
  • Genre: Heavy Metal
  • Release Date: 7/11/2006
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Oblivion on CD

Axstasy Oblivion On June 28th, 2006 Axys Records recording artist Axstasy will Release "Oblivion". Until then they have taken there legendary and brutal live performances on the road with such acts as Dissonant Hatred, Fenetik, The Revere, Deflagration & many others. Songs of inner-strength backed with riffage that curl your ear hair and a dynamite rhythm section. Axstasy is a roaring sonic massacre with more to offer than the tired tough guy mentality! In 2004 I found the quartet harnessing their blend of bone cracking hardcore with puncturing metal on there first Full-length CD titled Ocularus. The experience is a bona-fide thrill ride of chest pounding yet gripping sing-along screams from front man and lyricist, vivacious lead axman Ace Levy Along with the persuasive guitar megalomania of Mike Cook. Coupled with grenade Popping drums of Tony Lohman and finally, the crushing infernal and determined bass performance of Tom Seagro. Axstasy is the strong contender for glory in today's extreme music scene. With 10 LPs under their belts, Axstasy vocalist Ace Levy's influences include metal icons Chris Cornell and James Hetfield whose inspiration propelled the serendipitous circumstances under which Axstasy first kicked off their career. "Mike and I knew each for a long time, a couple of years ago Mike and I formeded the management of Axstasy Music International were we have a Rehearsal studio. Eventually we did a switch of Vocalists and I fronted the band because I thought they were as serious as I was. In fact, serious is an understatement! Axstasy raises the bar as far as most bands go in the realm of recording. In 2005 alone Axstasy recorded over 10 live CD & shows. Ace explains, "We have very good breeding musically, I was big into Hardcore, big into metal and that goes for the entire Band." Oblivion is a testament to Axstasy's prowess for brazen Hard-core breakdowns and walls of cringing metal with Soundgarden-like rhythems and Pantera agility. Needless to say, that is what celebrated producer James Levy has harnessed on Ocularus and now in 2006 on their bombastic follow Up. 'Oblivion' producer/engineer Tom Seagro and James Levy have taken Axstasy to all new heights of sonic Brutality with sense of versatility underlined with a guttural, in-your-face execution."The whole direction of the band is to keep a wide range of music, not to necessarily pigeonhole us into metal or hardcore. As a lyricist, Ace matches the musical intensity with fire-starting integrity and describes it as, "Very aggressive', for instance, we have a song called 'Best of my Hate,' it's about not having to take revenge on someone; that hate will never die - it's the plain truth: hate is just as powerful as love and it's healthy to do so, as long as your not seeking revenge. Make up your own mind, you don't have to love everyone to be pure at heart, I am all about unity, but you can be an individual and still be accepted, it's been this way since the beginning of time." he sums. Be sure to check out Axstasy on tour with Instrument of Damnation throughout August. Click the official links below for tour dates. You can preview other songs and more info/reviews at:

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