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  • Artist: Azuri
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 837101189354
  • Item #: SRD118935
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 1/30/2007
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Azuri on CD

Azuri is compiled of five musicians from the metro Detroit area; One would love to be able to sleep on stairwells and eat day old pizza offered up by random individuals with the kindness to invite him in after a show. Another would very much like to quit his day job/night job to perform in sold out venues across the continent, but only as a segway into becoming the #2 or #3 top male porn star of all time; One would appreciate very much to not breathe in the toxic fumes his day job requires of him; One would like to hear himself on the radio while he assists individuals reach an opioid induced coma; Lastly, one wants his naked spread on the wall of every 12 year old in North America. Azuri is comprised of Mark Mears (guitar), Mike Daquano (drums), Terry Hawkes (bass), Jeffry Barczak (guitar, vocals), and Michael Azoury (vocals). The band Azuri started officially in ~ 2003. But it originated long before that. Michael, Jeffrey, and Mark started a band called Morning Wood and played all throughout undesireable locations in 'the D'. They played Hamtramk, Ann Arbor, but predominantly the east side of Detroit (the Impound). Eventually the three went there separate ways. Still friends, but the music was on hold. Michael was determined to make in the music business. He started playing with a few guys from the west side. He started jamming with Terry Hawkes and Michael DaQuano. Michael asked Mark if he would like to come out and try a jam session and things clicked. Things clicked pretty well. Michael and Mark had been playing for years so it didn't take long to feel comfortable and to start making some music. Azuri was mostly a cover band at this time. They were playing some cool gigs and getting really good responses from their audiences. They had a recurrent gig at 5th Avenue downtown (in Comerica Park), and playing other events. They eventually released a demo of some the songs they were working on, 'Shannon's Kitchen'. Azuri practiced at Terry's House, and Shannon, Terry's wife, always made sure that no one was hungry. Unfortunately they were forced to part ways with the other guitarist, who was an amazing musician. His absence was felt deeply. But the spot was filled by the long lost brotha from Morning Wood, Jeffrey Barczak. Michael, Jeffrey, and Mark were reunited again. Since then they've been playing the Magic Bag in Ferndale, the Emerald Ballroom in Mt Clemens, St Andrews in Detroit, Alvins in Detroit, 5th Ave in Detroit, and many other places throughout metro Detroit. They started working on a new album together in 2005. They went to the White Room in Detroit to record the base tracks and recorded the rest in various places. The album was released opening up for Eddie Money at DTE (pine knob) in 2006. Currently they are promoting their album 'Azuri' and are in the early stages of recording their 2nd album.