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Hymns Solos & Instrumentals
  • Artist: B.E. Lahmon
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 634479352997
  • Item #: SRD935299
  • Genre: Gospel
  • Release Date: 7/25/2006
  • This product is a special order
  • Rank: 1000000000
Price: $18.50

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Hymns Solos & Instrumentals on CD

This in my opinion is our best project yet like everybody else we record every song as a group but if the truth be told each and every member of the group are highly gifted singers songwriters and musicians all sols artists in their oun rites and this is a project that brings some of the background talent to the forefront. Everybody on this album is a solo artist (Cynthia Moore)God has smiled on me,(Wanda H. Ross)As the deer,(The late Calvin Williams)His eye is on the sparrow, (Regina Stucky)Blessed assurance and God's people a song in which she wrote herself a few years ago,our keyboardist (Lanard Swinney) does his own solo Trk. 7 we call it Lanard's solo, Our band (Nu Generation)does their solo on trk. 8, I would also like to thank my friend, brother in The Lord and fellow singer songwriter and gospel producer (Adam T.Sanders) for helping me out on the keyboard on 'Blessed' good job Adam, let us not forget our drumer (Jeremiah Steverson),Our saxist (Wayne Spires)and last but not least our background singers Conenant of praise. BLESSED (Lyrics Written By Bobby E. Lahmon 6/5/06 From the crown of my head to the souls of my feet I am truly blessed in his word that's what he said (Repeat x 1) Blessed when I come blessed when I go blessed everywhere and I want the world to know that I am blessed I am truly blessed truly blessed I am truly blessed YOUR PRESENCE Lord I need your presence gotta have your presence Lord I need your presence in my life (Repeat x 1) Verse 1 I know I 've done wrong so many times but Lord I still need your presence in my life (Repeat x 1) I need your grace I need your mercy I need your love I need it in my life (Repeat Song) GOD'S PEOPLE (Written by Regina Stucky) God's people God's people Don't let nothing slow your pace He that runs all wins the race Don't let no one get you down Take your freedom and have you bound God's people God's people We gotta keep up keep up Keep up your prayer life keep up Keep up your fasting keep up Keep reading the word I know you've heard Keep your mind free Now listen to me If it's too hard Just give it to God God's people God's people Don't let satan take your mind He will have you in a bind You won't know which way to turn And your soul will surely burn God's people God's people (Repeat Keep up )