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Im a M.C.
  • Artist: B-Live
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 659057381725
  • Item #: CDBY738172
  • Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
  • Release Date: 11/12/2002
  • This product is a special order
Price: $8.69
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Im a M.C. on CD

Bernard is a native of Joliet, IL who currently resides in Brooklyn Center, MN. Back in the late eighties Bernard use to DJ at local house parties before really introduced to the rap game. Being a drummer by nature, Bernard started producing tracks and playing them at parties. The response from people was so tremendous, that the public wanted Bernard's original tracks for themselves. Bernard loved listening to the different styles and creativeness that was coming from the artists from both the east and west coast. After coming across the album 'PAID IN FULL' by Eric B. & Rakim, Bernard was blown away from the style, and delivery from the two. Never thought of becoming a rapper, but more of a professional DJ, Bernard decided to try to put his writing ability to the test. Performing in talent shows, and on the streets as "B. LIVE", Bernard had made a name for himself. What started off as an occasional writer, became a full time job for Bernard. Wherever there was a stage or microphone, B. LIVE was there! Whether it be in Chicago, Wisconsin, St.Louis, or on the college campuses, B. LIVE was there to give a show. After graduating from high school, Bernard left the streets of Joliet and went on to enlist in the United States Navy. Stationed in Norfolk, VA, Bernard went on to display his style of rhyming to the folks on the east coast. Whether on base or off, Bernard's shipmates recognized him as B. LIVE. During the four years of serving his country, B. LIVE performed in front of thousands of people, both state side, and in different countries overseas. Upon Bernard's honorable discharge, he performed in a show as the opening act for Teddy Reily's group WRECKS-N-EFFECT in Virginia Beach. In 1991, Bernard was back in his hometown performing college tours, hosting local radio shows, and rhyming wherever he could. It wasn't until 1997, Bernard became interested in running and operating his own record label. After doing his research about the business, Bernard went full sail with his label PHANTOM RIDER RECORDS. With the label and support from friends and family, B. LIVE had the opportunity to open up for groups like COMMON SENSE, BONE THUGS-N-HARMONY, and JA-RULE. Currently B. LIVE resides in Brooklyn Center, MN. Furthering his knowledge about the business, B. LIVE attended Music Tech College in St. Paul for Recording Engineering. His first album, "I'M A M.C.", is in stores now, and B. LIVE is already working on his second album titled TIL' DEATH DO US PART, due to hit the market in spring of 2003. B. LIVE has a lot of creative ideas for the business. B. LIVE is to be considered as an asset to the business. Whether it be producing, rapping, on the turntables, running the company, or being a family man, B. LIVE sets his standards far from others. Never afraid to go against the grain, B. LIVE is very unpredictable. He quotesâ?¦ "STICKING TO JUST ONE STYLE ONLY LIMITS YOUR ABILITY TO BE CREATIVE." PHANTOM RIDER RECORDS is a label that's going to be around for a long time. Whether locally, or nation wide, B. LIVE is a name to look out for. "Like KFC...WE KEEP IT ORIGINAL!!!"

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