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Prepare to Be Boarded
  • Artist: B.O.O.M. Pirates
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 672617044724
  • Item #: CDBY704472
  • Genre: Folk
  • Release Date: 10/21/2008
  • This product is a special order
Price: $13.13
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Prepare to Be Boarded on CD

This crew is now notoriously known as The BilgeRats & Pyrettes! Join the infamous crew of the Emerald Rose on this vaudevillian journey of adventure and fun through the day-to-day life of a pirate. Experience new arrangements of traditional songs of the sea, modern shanties derived from contemporary popular music, six-part a cappella harmonies, up-beat Latin rhythms and a Cajun song of freedom. Come sail the seven seas with BilgeRats & Pyrettes (formerly B.O.O.M.) and Prepare to be Boarded! 'Exuberance is the hallmark of any good pirate singin' and The BOOM Pirates exude exuberance! Not only are these raucous rogues brimming with 'piratitude' - they're talented musicians to boot! This collection o' tunes blends the traditional with the extraditional ... and in this case, there's no need to fight extradition! These BOOM Pirates are not just pretty faces covered in gunsmoke - they're honest-to-Poseidon performers with that spark of creativity that makes 'Prepare to be Boarded' a must-have for the pirate enthusiast on your list!' - Captain Slappy - Author & Co-Founder of International Talk Like a Pirate Day! This assembly of nauticalia might well have been entitled: PREPARE TO BE IMPRESSED.... and the pun IS intended. If CATS or PHANTOM OF THE OPERA had been about seafarers, this is how Andrew Lloyd-Webber might have handled it. 'Prepare to be Boarded' is like listening to the soundtrack of a Broadway show. More than just a 'concept CD, the arrangement of this melange is unusually linear ... a musical story and journey ... with widely, and engagingly, differing styles and arrangements. Some totally new songs, some more familiar ... The words and tunes, though surely not the inventiveness. 'Prepare to be Boarded' yourself ... you'll hear what I mean. -Tom Lewis, Self-Propelled Music, British Columbia, CANADA I LOVED the CD!!! It was like having the Boom Crew in my living room (without all of the flotsam and jetsam to tidy up afterwards). I loved the energy of the recording and the talent of the crew. It buckled my swash and shivered my timbers ... at the same time! Thanks for making music for the rest o' us! -Mark Lewis, Emmy Award Winning Storyteller/Actor I just received the CD and listened to it for almost the whole day while driving and I can honestly say it's GREAT! The song selection, the fantastic voices and the quality of the recording makes it a real keeper. Thank you Boom Pirates and I hope you make another CD. You make me feel like I was born 300 years too late! -Mike Belcheff, St Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands The heart of a true pirate hears the call of this entertaining and captivating music. -Terabella, Bellevue, WA Under the music direction of Margot Productions, The BilgeRats & Pyrettes (formerly BOOM) have put together a musical stage show which has been dubbed Pirate Vaudeville due to it's variety of song, dance, sword play, juggling, and theatrical shenanigans; plus educational presentations and appearances at many charitable fund raisers. Regularly performing at public and private events throughout the Northwest, and annually at the Portland Pirate Festival each September, The Bilgerats & Pyrettes has audiences of all ages dancing, singing, cheering and jeering as they get to know the infamous crew of the Emerald Rose. Prepare to be Boarded is the first recording, released in 2008 by Margot Productions and long awaited by fans of all ages!!!! Yarrrrr!!!!!!

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