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Power to the People: A Tribute to Free Speech
  • Artist: Various Artists
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 639441051724
  • Item #: CDBY105172
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 10/10/2006
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  • Rank: 1000000000
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Power to the People: A Tribute to Free Speech on CD

"This is the best political "music" CD I've heard since George Bush got selected in 2000. A lot of the political CDs from the last 6 years are filled with more angst than talent. But the musical chops on this one are equal to the politically charged lyrics." Lee Courtney, Music Director Community Radio WMNF 88.5 Tampa 'Another fine compilation, this one with a protest theme. Targets are both global and local, with approaches ranging from dead serious (Ronny Elliott's 'I Don't Hear Freedom Ring Anymore') to dead funny (Ricky Wilcox & the Moonsnakes' 'Ronda Ronda (Ridin' the Storms Out)').' Curtis Ross, Tampa Tribune (1/5/07) 'Power To The People' features original songs -- and four covers of old favorites -- about protest, free speech, electoral dysfunction and general angst about the state of the nation. Timed to correspond with the mid-term elections, this CD features a wide range of musical styles - from the world groove of Cold Joon to Addek's gripping hip-hop version of Dylan's classic 'Masters of War' - with acoustic rock, blues and Americana in between. Performer & track info: "Power To The People" by Southeast Music Alliance (featuring The Chorus Angelorum) A church choir plus Tampa Bay's rock 'n roll heavyweights create a new take on an old favorite. "Independence Day" by Lorna Bracewell: 'Lorna's singing and songwriting are what set her apart and will ultimately take her to the star stage. Her singing is sweet, husky, seductive or hard, depending on the song.' Music Industry News Network "My Nation's Not Well" by Cold Joon: Traditional West African percussion with pop, reggae, R&B and "Anti-Georgie" politics. "Landlocked Blues" by Geri X: "Geri X's haunting songs show a remarkable maturity, both lyrically and musically." Tampa Tribune "I Don't Hear Freedom Ring Anymore" by Ronny Elliott: From Valentine Roadkill, Mojo Magazine's #5 of the ten best albums of 2005. "In the crazy state of Florida, Hillbilly veteran Ronny Elliott is a rare oasis of wry insight, hard truths and shimmering beauty." London Daily Mirror "Con Game" by Jimmy Griswold: Screaming guitars, infectious grooves, blues-based R&B flavor with fresh and original sound. "Masters of War" by Addek: 'Addek helps reinvigorate the concept of rap as social and political commentary, razor-sharp music for the 21st century.' Tampa Tribune "Dangerous George and Capitol Hill" by Lori Karpay: Wickedly clever commentaries set to quirky tunes from one of Tampa's favorite poets. "Ronda Ronda (Ridin' The Storms Out)" by Ricky Wilcox and The Moonsnakes: First release of an irreverent response to infamous local politician, Ronda Storms. "Protest" by Joran Slane: 'An emotive - but definitely not emo - blend of guitar anthemics and electro atmosphere.' Weekly Planet "I Don't Know My Neighbors Anymore" by Charlie Morris: 'Charlie's guitar work, both electric and acoustic is very well done, not too flashy -- just perfect for the blues." Tampa Bay Musician "Ohio" by The Threads: Imagine if Neil Young joined Cheap Trick. This rendition shows why Tampa Bay can't get enough of The Threads' infectious power pop and straight-up rock. "Bomb" Rayzilla's PBS (Peruvian Butt Singers): "Ray Villadonga's Peruvian Butt Singers ensemble blends jazz and world music with abandon." The Weekly Planet "Radio Station Abomination" by Crash Mitchell: Sing-along about the radio conglomeration everyone loves to hate. Naturally, one of the most played songs on Community Radio WMNF 88.5 FM in Tampa.