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Axis of Evil
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Axis of Evil on CD

Babylon Mystery Orchestra lays waste to political correctness with it's boldest artistic statement yet! Islam, the Illuminati, Socialism and Biblical prophecy are all swirling around in this perfect apocalyptic storm that Babylon Mystery Orchestra has wrought, with it's fourth CD, 'Axis Of Evil.' A fiery followup to it's critically acclaimed predecessor; 'The Great Apostasy: A Conspiracy Of Satanic Christianity.' Babylon Mystery Orchestra has fine tuned it's Gothic hard rock/heavy metal approach. This time employing tighter and heavier arrangements to supplement the exquisitely aggressive subject matter. As always, Sidney Allen Johnson's lyrics provoke reactions. It's impossible not to be affected by them. He has perhaps even outdone himself with his twin towers of political incorrectness in the tracks 'God Given Right' and 'Crusader.' The former being a song whose lyrics are comprised of actual statements by Islamic terrorists, and the latter being a defiant song of counter-resistance that truly invokes the passions of those original defenders of Western Christianity. As always the tracks tie together to reveal a bigger message as to who constitutes the true 'Axis Of Evil' and who are merely the tools used to attain certain objectives on a path to eternal damnation. It's compelling stuff, not for the light hearted or feeble of mind. Johnson's vision of religion, politics and war is a masterwork that deserves serious consideration for it's intellectual and spiritual depth as much as for it's passionate expression. It is a rare record that can combine all these attributes, and rarer still in the genres that Babylon Mystery Orchestra is most associated with. As always, Babylon Mystery Orchestra doesn't disappoint with the packaging. Each CD comes with a gorgeously illustrated 32 page booklet full of lyrics, text and commentary.

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