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Take Notes
  • Artist: Backroad
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 837101330978
  • Item #: CDBY133097
  • Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
  • Release Date: 5/22/2007
  • This product is a special order
Price: $8.68
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Take Notes on CD

Backroad is primarily comprised of two Kentucky artists that go by the name of Smallz and Don Fentoni. Smallz is a Writer/Producer that resides in Lexington, KY. He was responsible for the majority of the production work on Backroad's debut album, Take Notes. He also wrote all of his own lyrics for the CD. Don Fentoni, AKA Fentoni, came into Backroad as a Writer, but has begun Producing and will have a few of his beats featured on the second album, titled Motivated To Win. Just like Smallz, Fentoni writes 100% of his lyrics, and is responsible for writing the majority of the hooks on Take Notes. Smallz and Don Fentoni originally got together after freestyling on a few random occassions. Smallz invited Fentoni to his in home studio set up, and the two began creating what is now Take Notes. It began as a 'just for fun' ordeal, and quickly blossomed into what is now Backroad after the tracks generated a major buzz among Backroad's friend base. Backroad's affiliates are a huge part of the Backroad movement. They go by the names of Joseph James & Mykraphone. Joseph James had his hand in the Production work on a few tracks off Take Notes. He also contributed his lyrical talents on Take Notes (AY YO), Fresh As F***, and Shinin' On Tha Track...a few song titles on Take Notes the album. Mykraphone acts as the Backroad DJ at every show, and blessed the mic on Yup, Feelin', and Shinin' On Tha Track. He also provided Smallz with some scratchwork and samples to add to a few tracks such as Fresh As F***, It's A Celebration, and Shinin On Tha Track. These White Boyz take their music very seriously, and have every intention of taking this to the next level. One listen to the product Backroad creates, and you will be a believer in the movement!! Email for booking information and general questions.

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