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Vaudeville Show
  • Artist: Bad Things
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 628740835326
  • Item #: CDBY083532
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 5/2/2006
  • This product is a special order
Price: $17.68
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Vaudeville Show on CD

'Vaudeville Show' is The Bad Things second release on their own Silent City Records. It is a journey through the life of a drifter searching for some shred of happiness before he's put in the ground. 'Vaudeville Show' features a variety of sounds and styles: from the ghost story creepiness of 'Thy Will Be Done' to the punk rock polka of 'Kill Yourself', from the heartbreaking beauty of 'The Breaking' to the gypsy-ska of 'Georgia Lee', and from the circus music of 'All the Clowns Are Now Garbage Collectors' to the hillbilly sentimentality of 'Heartbreak Boxcar'. Each act of the show is presented by a twisted tale from MC Danny Dead, putting the listener deep in the heart of a 'dusty old theatre on the wrong side of town.' Hear what the good people are saying: 'If you're looking for junkyard polkas in the graveyard at midnight, look no further. The Bad Things have dug up all the remains of all the gypsy-folk, klezmer bands in the graveyard, set them ablaze, and danced around the fire singing some alcoholic hillbilly rave up about dust, death, and the devil.' -Shite N' Onions Zine '[The Bad Things] songs muster up images of sad faced vaudeville characters and farmers singing to their sheep beneath paper moons....[they] are a band of misfits making a sound similar to old world European gypsy music, with just a hint of the punks they keep company with.' -Fatal '...carnivalesque debauchery! I was simultaneously delighted, amused, turned on, horrified, and inspired.' -Three Imaginary 'Polka, gypsy grind music. The thing to play when you're standing on the ledge with a bottle in one hand and a bowie knife in the other...and feeling good about it!' Cerebrus - CD Baby Customer.

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