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Nostalgic Cafe Songs from the Balkans
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Nostalgic Cafe Songs from the Balkans on CD

The performance of Balkan Cabaret spans Sevdalinka ballads from Bosnia, Starigradski from Bulgaria, and old favorites of many generations from Croatia, Serbia, and Macedonia. There are songs for sitting and listening while enjoying drink and conversation with old friends, and there are high energy favorites that inspire you to dance. Whether on your feet or sitting back, you are taken to a time when feelings, reflection and community were not so overwhelmed by the rush of technology. Balkan Cabaret has consistently performed to sold out venues in the Puget Sound region since their formation in Seattle in May of 2001. Their recently released CD, Balkan Cabaret - Nostalgic Café Songs from the Balkans, has received critical acclaim and airplay in the US and in the Balkans. They were enthusiastically welcomed at 2003 California Worldfest as part of a northern California tour and 2002 Kolo Festival in San Francisco. Vocalist Mary Sherhart has an outstanding reputation in the Balkan music scene as a performer, teacher, choral director and producer. She is joined by artists well established in the Balkan music scene: Joe Finn, fiddle and clarinet, Michael Lawson, accordion and vocals, Steve Ramsey, bugarija, guitar, tambura and vocals, and Rich Thomas, bass and vocals; with special guests Mark Forry, vocals, tambura, bugarija and guitar, and Dan Auvil, percussion.