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War Is Insane
  • Artist: Bam Bam
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 634479375637
  • Item #: SRD937563
  • Genre: International
  • Release Date: 9/26/2006
  • This product is a special order
  • Rank: 1000000000
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War Is Insane on CD

Queen of Pop Reggae - artist/activist Bam Bam (aka Princess Bam Bam) creates message music for the masses with strong political overtones addressing a number of pressing global issues, such as: war, poverty, environmental and humanitarian crisis. Bam Bam sings about what she cares about most: 'Stop the War', War IS Insane, 'People In Need', 'Small World', 'Star Wars'. All Bam Bam's songs come from a deep desire to right the wrongs of this world and overcome these ills. Her unique style, combining 'pop' with 'reggae' creates an uplifting, uptempo medium for her messages. Her new CD 'War IS Insane' includes previously released tracks: 'Stop the War' and 'Star Wars'. The CD was inspired by the need to get the message out that 'war IS insane'. All Bam Bam's songs carry strong, positive messages buoyed along by da rockin' Reggae riddums...Give thanks and praises to the Almighty JAH!...Rastafari Bam Bam (Princess Bam Bam) grew up in the UK with the belief that she was descended from 'royalty' ('Mad King John'- the infamous creator of the Magna Carter - according to her grandmother!) --- But he was a villain and Bam Bam felt she had to change the family 'karma' by championing the cause of the underdog. As she embarked on her own unique adventure into music she did so believing that she was, in some way, going to affect the world in a momentous and positive way. She studied oil painting at Goldsmith's College in London where she thrived on England's historical vibes and ancient mythology. She soon discovered her true musical roots in the smokey caverns of London's underground Ska and Reggae culture clubs. Recognizing the socio-spiritual-political significance of Reggae music, she started writing songs and hanging out with Jamaican musicians. One of whom was Jon Cornelius of Raskidus Roots Connection. They worked together promoting Reggae shows and recording original material. Soon she had recorded enough material to release her first album entitled: 'Power of a Woman'....which was when she coined the expression 'Pop Reggae', descriptive of her upbeat, progressive, 'rootsy' English style.