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Fifth Gear
  • Artist: Banner Mountain Boys
  • UPC: 884501533775
  • Item #: 154015X
  • Genre: Country
  • Release Date: 6/7/2011
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Fifth Gear on CD

1. Another Night Hobo Jack Adkins A favorite Stanley Brothers tune, Ron sings the high lonesome; Rob and Taylor provide the mournful. 2. See You Later, 'Bye Rob Shotwell © The fifty-first way to leave your lover. Rob lead vocal, Ron and Taylor harmony. 3. Born With a Hammer in My Hand Shawn Lane & Tim Stafford So many notes, so little time. Taylor lead vocal, Rob and Ron harmony. 4. Bury Me Beneath the Willow Traditional Rob's arrangement of a classic. Taylor lead vocal, Rob and Ron harmony, Rob plays muted banjo. 5. Montana Cowboy Hazel Dickens Love song to a Montana sweetheart. Ron lead vocal, Rob and Taylor harmony. 6. Rank Strangers Albert Brumley Our own arrangement, set off by Taylor's guitar and some fine harmonies. Rob and Ron share lead vocals, Taylor harmony. 7. Redwood Hill Gordon Lightfoot A bluegrass take on an excellent Lightfoot song. Rob lead vocal, Ron and Taylor harmony. 8. Child of Nature Jack Traylor A thoughtful tribute to life's inexorabilities. Taylor lead vocal, Rob and Ron harmony. 9. Whose Shoulder Will You Cry On? Kitty Wells & Billy Wallace The Queen of Country Music honky-tonked this one, we treat it like we're leaving town quick! Rob lead vocal, Ron and Taylor harmony. 10. Stowaway Ron Gaynor © True story about Ron's Irish great-grandfather. Ron lead vocal, Rob and Taylor harmony. 11. Fifth Gear on a Harley Rob Shotwell © Rob's instrumental homage to Harleys past and the thrill of shifting into fifth gear on a long stretch of country road. Rob banjo, Ron resonator guitar, Taylor guitar, Cecelia bass. 12. Daybreak Ron Gaynor © Written in the Daybreak Cafe, Penn Valley, California, inspired by Ron's wife Trish. Ron lead vocal, Taylor and Rob harmony. 13. I Still Miss Someone Johnny R. Cash & R. Cash, Jr. Taylor recalling loves lost. Ron and Rob harmony. 14. Who Needs You? Lonesome River Band Rob getting hardcore on this great Lonesome River Band tune. Ron and Taylor harmony. Introducing the Band: Taylor Carey, Guitar and Vocals Taylor's first guitar was a $25 pawn shop special, which replaced the rubber bands on a cigar box he started with. A wildly unsuccessful career as a folky in the Beach clubs of Southern California followed. Things got better, though, when at 21 he "discovered" Doc Watson. He put away his 12-string and soon joined the Legendary South Loomis Quickstep Band, with whom he had the honor of performing with the likes of Mark O'Connor, Joe Craven, and Keith Little. On this album Taylor plays his beloved 1976 Martin D35 (and a carbon fiber Composite Acoustic Vintage Performer dreadnought on "Bury Me beneath the Willow" and "Whose Shoulder Will You Cry On?") Ron Gaynor, Resonator Guitar and Vocals A Kentucky native, Ron grew up listening to the country music of Porter Wagoner and the bluegrass music of Earl Scruggs. He took up the banjo while attending the University of Kentucky where he also became a fan of Tony Rice, J.D. Crowe, Jerry Douglas and Ricky Skaggs. He moved to California in the 80s where he helped form the band "In Cahoots" in which he played until moving to Northern California in 1991. Along with Rob, Ron performed in the band "On the Loose" for several years before forming the "Banner Mountain Boys" with Rob, Taylor, and Cecelia. Ron's beautiful resonator guitar was made by Colfax, California Luthier, and "On the Loose" alum, Randy Allen of Allen Guitars. Rob Shotwell, Banjo and Vocals Rob regards his association with the Banner Mountain Boys as the most exciting period of his long musical career, which began as he worked his way through college in the 70s playing folk, country and bluegrass in various venues around Sacramento, before heading for the oil fields of San Luis Obispo County. There, he fell in love all over again with country music and, not incidentally, met the love of his life, Cecelia. After moving to Grass Valley in the 80s, he founded the western swing band, "Bite The Bullet." In 2000, he and Ron formed the bluegrass band, "On the Loose," which performed in and around Nevada County through 2005. In 2007, while searching for a guitar player for a new bluegrass venture, Rob heard Taylor was between bands, which led to the formation of the Banner Mountain Boys. Their first order of business was to draft Ron and begin the search for a bass player. Rob plays a 2000 Gibson Earl Scruggs Standard - Mastertone model banjo. Cecelia Shotwell, Stand Up Bass Cecelia grew up listening to bluegrass and didn't know she liked it until Rob started playing it full time. She loved music all her life and when she was 12 years old, her folks gave her a Sears Silvertone guitar and some books. She went right into her room and learned Jimmie Rodgers' "He's in the Jailhouse Now." She played for herself through high school, then life happened. The beat still went on in her head and about ten years ago, Penny Allen handed Cecelia her bass and said, "Here, play this." She did and was hooked. She soon bought a bass and a car it would fit in and the rest is history. She jammed any place that would let her in. Cecelia became the Banner Mountain Boys practice bassist, and was later asked to join the "boys" full time. She fit right in, too, since, as she tells it, "I'm the only 'boy' my dad ever had." Cecelia plays a solid wood, flat-back Romanian bass fiddle.