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  • Artist: The Barr's
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 880326000027
  • Item #: 132155X
  • Genre: Gospel
  • Release Date: 12/16/2003
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  • Rank: 1000000000
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Born December 1, 1981 Gina Alicia Barr is the oldest of the group and the family. A month in the missionary field in Nigeria in the fall of 2000 changed her life. She saw the work that God wanted her to do in her, and became even more dedicated in the ministry. The most outspoken in the group, Gina is known as the preacher of the group. Her mission, to help young women all around the world in realizing that they are someone in Christ, and how to become 'more precious than rubies' in Christ. Born Spetember 19, 1983 Keith Gino Barr Jr.- better known as 'Gino' is the second oldest in the group at 20, and the only boy in the family of seven. Gino is large in stature but even bigger in heart. Gino plans on being a pastor, and having a church of his own one day. Gino is known for his zeal and love for the Lord and ministry. Born Feburary 24, 1986 Katrina Labelle Barr is 17, and ever since she was a little girl Katrina has wanted to sing for the Lord. Katrina has always had a zeal and love for God, and a heart for His people. Katrina is now learning Spanish flently because god has given her a burden for South America. Katrina plans to go to South America to do missionary work. Born June 10, 1989 Christina Latoya Barr is the baby of the group but the fourth eldest of seven children. God has blessed Christina with a superb writing ability so, that a third of the songs on the CD was written by her. Christina is a excellent student with strait A's, but most importantly, she has a love and a zeal for God.