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Labour of Love
  • Artist: Barry Jackson
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 634479977367
  • Item #: 1338162X
  • Genre: Easy Listening
  • Release Date: 1/24/2009
  • This product is a special order
  • Rank: 1000000000
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Labour of Love on CD

An epic musical tale charting spiritual triumph over adversity with a delicious mix of retro and contemporary mainstream styles. Beatlesque pop and indie/world rock meets Beachboyish harmonies, with tasty song construction and melodies Glen Tilbrook would be eager to digest. Sprinkle in sprigs of poignant Pink Floyd, a dash of Lloyd-Webber, and the occasional Brian Adams flavoured stadium anthem, and the ingredients are complete for this awesome aural banquet sang by a Russell Watson soundalike. Labour of Love is an original musical fantasy inspired by actual events that happened to me and my partner soon after we first met at a meditation group in Manchester, UK 2003. Six months into our relationship my partner Alison received an intense and almost overwhelming feeling after meditating that she would soon be having a baby, even though she had a medical disorder that in theory would make this as close to impossible as you could get. Six weeks later, on Valentine's Day in 2004, to her and my delight and amazement, Alison discovered she was pregnant. She had dreamed and waited patiently for this moment for half her lifetime. The 20 week scan however brought bad news after tests revealed that the baby had a chromosome disorder - diagnosed as Edwards Syndrome - and would be severely disabled, including facial deformity and other serious difficulties. We were given the option to terminate the pregnancy. We declined, as we knew the decision was not for us to make - it was up to the soul of the baby to decide if it wanted to be born or not. With just a month to go before the due date of birth, our baby Hannah did, after all, decide she didn't want to visit earth this time round, and died, to our devastation. We knew however, deep in our broken hearts, that there would be a very important reason for this sad experience, and the passage of time has since slowly but surely shed more light on why it all happened. Some time later in spring 2006, again after meditation, I received an overwhelming desire to tell of our experience using music, as writing music and song is my passion, and so a stage musical was now soon to be born! This melodic tale of triumph over grief was to include our spiritual beliefs about the reasons for being born and dying, and for the often difficult and challenging times during the living in between. It was also to mention about the soul on it's journey through many lives as it strives to ascend once again into the higher realms of heaven, by guiding it's earthly human being host to ever more refined ways of living. It would include accounts of some of the many incredible experiences we had from the time of conception right through to baby Hannah's death and still on going to this day. For example, the soul of baby Hannah made and continues to make regular contact via her call sign - hot air balloons - they still appear regularly to guide us through our lives together now as husband and wife. Indeed this whole project has been overseen by her regular guidance. Late afternoon on the difficult day we arranged Hannah's funeral a hot air balloon glided right over our home - so low we could see the flames from the burner and wave to the people inside the basket! This is a moving and uplifting story delivered via the magical medium of music, with a message of peace for the world, and hope and comfort for all those who feel it has deserted them, especially after the loss of a loved one. Thank you to Hannah for all her help, and for guiding us to use "cdbaby" (she has a great sense of humour and gives us idiot proof signs!) as a vehicle for promoting this work and it's message. If you're a lover of melody and harmony I am sure you will enjoy! Thanks also to Barry Jackson and his awesome voice for doing all the lead vocals.