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Ripped Blue Jeans & Atvs
  • Artist: Barry Michael
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 884501056434
  • Item #: SRD105643
  • Genre: Country
  • Release Date: 11/25/2008
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Ripped Blue Jeans & Atvs on CD

BARRY MICHAEL Barry began his career at the tender age of four singing along side his father during his Saturday morning radio show in Atlanta, GA. Little did Barry's father know that this musical experience was sparking a passionate flame in his son that would later transform into a professional performance career which included a record deal. For several years following those young performances Barry performed in numerous musical groups including choirs, bands, and various instrumental ensembles. Being a typical young guy, Barry's interest in music took a slight halt, and shifted to the comedy scene which landed Barry once again on stage. This time it was 'The Punchline' in Atlanta, GA. Barry soon realized that this experience was helping him musically in ways he had never imagined. 'Telling jokes on a stage was no different than singing on stage. Instead of moving people with my voice, musical lines, and emotion, I was now doing it through punch lines and inflections on certain words. The two go hand in hand really well'. The days and nights of singing, joke telling, and acting soon made Barry a student in the Atlanta Broadcast Institute in which he graduated from in 2000. Shortly after graduation Barry joined Atlanta's BBS Television Station writing, producing, acting, and singing on his own sports show. 'My sports show was a unique and entertaining mixture of sports, comedy, and even music' Barry states. Before too long Barry's love for music again brought his complete concentration back to singing. As lead singer with his Christian band 'Altaration', Barry was given the chance to write inspiring music while at the same time singing and performing his own music. The band produced two CD's with the second being a tremendous success. As a result of the success of the second CD, 'Altaration' was noticed by the movie producer of 'The Forbidden Truth', a Christian influenced production. One song in particular, 'Undeniably You' in which Barry co-wrote with fellow band member, Andy Parker, gained favor with the movie producer. 'Undeniably You' was later chosen for inclusion into the movie. Rather quickly the word about Barry's talent as a vocalist began to spread throughout the greater Atlanta area. Richard Chatham, a local businessman who heard his music, offered to introduce Barry to some of his New York Connections. This trip included a meeting and audition with the Vice President of A&R for Sony Records. 'I watched Barry give every bit of passion and energy into the music without any signs of fear or hesitation. Barry's audition was moving and full of musical brilliance', Richard states. 'I knew something was special about Barry.' That particular trip to New York was the beginning of an incredible relationship between Barry and Richard which resulted in the formation of Stockbridge Music Group to include Stockbridge Records with Barry Michael as it's featured artist. Richard immediately made appointments for Barry to study privately with the nationally recognized vocal coach, Jan Smith, at her studio in Atlanta. Since 2007, Barry has been under the careful guidance of Jan Smith with efforts of perfecting every detail of his vocal repertoire. He also sent Barry to Nashville to co-write with some of the industries finest writers, and connected Barry with a producer who has worked with John Michael Montgomery for many years. In January of 2009, Stockbridge Records will release Barry's debut album titled 'Ripped Blue Jeans & ATVs'. Barry wrote or co-wrote all 10 songs that will give listeners incite to his life. With a high energy sound, inspirational lyrics, Barry hopes to entertain and connect with fans nationwide.