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Naughty Songs for Boys & Girls
  • Artist: Barry Louis Polisar
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 780938634521
  • Item #: CDBY863452
  • Genre: Children's
  • Release Date: 1/7/2003
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  • Rank: 1000000000
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Naughty Songs for Boys & Girls on CD

Barry Louis Polisar is a born storyteller--but his stories are told through songs. He has done what few children's artists have been able to do: combine music, poetry and a keen sense of humor that can relate to a child's experience. Originally released in 1978 and still selling strong, this classic recording includes such favorites as 'I Can't, I Can't' and 'Don't Put Your Finger Up Your Nose' (we still think that's good advice!). A Landmark recording filled with genuine infectious humor and kid-friendly philosophy, other songs include 'Mom and Dad Are Always Right,' 'Do This, Do That,' and 'Leroy is a Late Bloomer.' K-Gr 6 Delightful in it's unorthodox approach, it includes several gems such as Symphony in Why # Major and Don't Wake Up the Baby or the Baby Will Get You. The album is a listening delight. --School Library Journal 'Hardly the everyday nursery rhyme Pablum or 'namby-pamby' ditties for kids.' --Dayton Daily News, Dayton, Ohio 'His music is spreading like a kiddie rebellion all across the country...It's no wonder--Polisar is too good to be kept secret.' --The Baltimore Sun, Baltimore, Maryland 'Polisar's kid charisma comes through loud and clear.' --Detroit Free Press, Detroit, Michigan 'Barry Louis Polisar writes about kids. Real kidsâ?¦.His songs are delightful.' ---Phoenix Gazette, Phoenix, Arizona 'Polisar is unique in the world of children's recordings and guaranteed to knock the socks off your kids.' --Detroit News, Detroit, Michigan 'A flat-out classic" --The Washington Post, Washington, DC 'Barry Louis Polisar is a one-man symphony of comic anarchy. At a time when vast numbers of our kids see school as endless drudgery, Polisar says otherwise. He says, isn't the English language fun?' --The Baltimore Sun, Baltimore,MD "Barry Louis Polisar is a delightfully subversive antidote to Mr. Rogers' -- Tom Lehrer Barry Louis Polisar is a 4-time Parents Choice Award winner whose work has won numerous other awards (including two Emmys for an educational TV show he hosted). He has written and published ten books, many videos and over a dozen collections of his songs. Barry has performed at The White House, The Smithsonian, The Kennedy Center and in schools all over the US and Europe.