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Sound Fish
  • Artist: Bazalgette
  • UPC: 884502375343
  • Item #: SRD237534
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 8/11/2009
  • Rank: 1000000000
Price: $13.13
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Sound Fish on CD

Bazalgette spluttered into life in September 2002, when 'thick as thieves' senior high school mates Tony Hirst and Rob Thomas discovered they had both been playing guitar for the last 15 years unbeknown to either of them. Tony had been honing his guitar and vocals at family get togethers, usually with a bit of Dutch courage under his belt. Rob had been writing originals during this time but had never played them to anybody. This all changed when the two boys decided to get together every Tuesday night and write some songs. With Tony on board with his tasteful lead guitar and sublime vocals the new songs started to come together. Tonys melodic work balanced Robbies aggressive rhythm guitar and raw edged quirky vocals. But the real difference came a few weeks later when David Heckenberg (Robbies nephew and number one drinking buddy) heard the new material and offered his services. A classically trained musician, Davey brought a level of ability and creativity that seemed previously unattainable. His bass lines are highlighted throughout Bazalgette's music and bring substance and musical integrity to the songs. The penultimate piece in the puzzle plonked into place the following year when Joey Forster (life long mate of Tonys) heard the boys had been jamming and informed them he had taken drum lessons at high school and would love to play in the band. Joey immediately impressed with solid beats and tasteful touches. And so Bazalgette was formed. The boys started playing a few gigs about town and picked up a small following of fans. In Feburary 2007 encouraged by the reaction to their original songs and the opportunity to work with Brisbane producer Neil Coombe the band went into the studio in Feburary 2007 to record their debut LP 'SOUND FISH'. From day one at 'The White Room' studios, there seemed to be a bit of magic in the air. With Neil in the chair the new songs burst into life. But there was to be another bit of magic about to happen. In August 2007 Peter Macaione (a good mate of Tony and Joey from junior high school) heard Bazalgette right here on myspace and it hooked him. Pete holds a reputation as a truly gifted lead guitarist,and when he turned up at rehearsal with his beautifully restored 71 SG Gibson in tow, the boys got REAL excited. Pete's searing work has burnt it's way into the latest Bazalgette tracks with a genuinely unique blend of old school rock with a modern twist. And finally thanks to all the friends of the band for your support and for great advice like 'give up, you guys suck'.