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Great Saddlebags
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Great Saddlebags on DVD

Great Saddlebags The DVD.... She's got Great Saddlebags" Great Saddlebags is an upbeat Rock tune dedicated to the love of motorcycle riding and beautiful women. Our lead guitarist David Gilfillan was a Gulf War Vet. He entered into this project healthy and strong. Within 4 months he had found out he had ALS, one of 43 other men diagnosed with the disease as a result of their involvement in the 1991 Gulf War. Four weeks after the diagnosis he moved on to his advanced post leaving us behind to ponder the fragile balance of life. Gil, as his friends called him had a passion for learning and a love of music. He was close to earning a teaching degree and looking forward to our Biker Rally Tour. Life is what happens while your making plans, and death is a part of that life. Please enjoy the images and music then take a moment to remember and honor those who die in the service of their country even if it is 14 years later. It really makes you think... How can you ever really know the COST of War. Peace and Prosperity for all is so much better. Our Band was REVM... Ride Every Valuable Minute. Our creed... Cherish every minute and ride all you can. We have 10 more tunes in production. We hope to have a completed CD and will include "Great Saddlebags as our tribute to our friend David Gilfillan. Revm give it all you got. Revm, ride till you drop. Revm, revm a lot.