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Spider-Man from Marvel Comics is officially celebrating its 60th anniversary of web-slinging fun!

Join Beast Kingdom and celebrate the monumental milestone with the release of the MEA-037 bright box series!

This collection of six fun designs and unique Spider-Man characters combine to create an impressive tower of Spidey fun! Make sure to collect all six to be in with a chance of getting the seventh special edition character!

Each product can be combined together to create the Spider-Man high-rise building design.

Collection includes:

  • Classic Spider-Man: The original and most well-known of them all! The classic red and blue color scheme is now famous the world over!
  • Spider-Man Noir: A noir-themed black suit, this version emerges in an alternate New-York universe during the great depression!
  • Ultimate Spider-Man: With Dr. Octopus trading his persona with Spider-Man, the new character is seen with mechanical tentacles on his back ready to fight!
  • Future Foundation Spider-Man: The fantastic four and Doctor Doom created the Future Foundation where Spider-Man also joins with his upgraded suit that can change appearance at will!
  • Spider-Clan: The legend of the Spider-Clan shows Peter Parker as a student by day and a ninja by night. Combining Ninja tactics with Spider-Man’s strength created a highly tactical hero!
  • Japanese Spider-Man: Takuya Yamashiro, an accomplished motocross driver is betrayed by the Yakuza and injected with the spider-venom. Transforming into Spider-Man, Takuya vows to defend Japan against all evil!

*Actual product may slightly differ from image shown

  • Height: Approx. 3 inches
  • Materials: ABS, PVC
  • Package: Foil pouch in color box , 6pcs into a box
  • Country of origin: China