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Skin & Bone
  • Artist: Ben Godwin
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 634479430879
  • Item #: SRD943087
  • Genre: Folk
  • Release Date: 1/16/2007
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Skin & Bone on CD

Ben Godwin loves New York. "There's songs everywhere here, just waiting to be written. You can stand on any street corner, put out your hand, and grab 'em out of the air." This Londoner writes songs about the dream-life of the city and the people in it, and conjures them in vivid color with a voice that bursts with power and feeling. Ben emerged on the London scene in the early part of the century with an acoustic guitar and an EP, Four Songs. A kicking live band formed around the nucleus of Ben's singing and playing, and soon they were playing legendary London venues like the 12 Bar, the Troubadour and the Kashmir Klub. Two more EPs followed, =shinyshiny= and Lighter than the Atom, leading to radio play and dates around the UK. At the end of 2005, Ben shed his musical skin, grew a new set of wings, and flew across the Atlantic in search of further adventures. 2006 saw him starting from scratch- newly arrived in New York, writing more prolifically than ever, delighting audiences all over town, and exploring new collaborations. The result is SKIN AND BONE- a raw, passionate, and hypnotic trip through Gotham's underbelly. In 2007, Ben will be touring all over the Northeast and beyond, as well as continuing his collaborations with some of the brightest stars on the antifolk scene on the Lower East Side. Press for SKIN AND BONE- 'Taste Of The Day' Ben Godwin - New World City "Come away with me and we'll have ourselves a life!" Imagine Kurt Weill moving to New Orleans and working for 20 years in a nightclub before moving out to LA where a film producer asks him to write a musical about New York that gets rejected by the film industry but opens to wild crowds on Broadway. If you can imagine that, then you have a good picture of Ben's music. "Trade the stubborn farmland for a million neon lights!" Picture 100 dancers behind the singer onstage. "We'll look away while the violence carries on." The pianist is keeping the bass player and drummer busy pumping rhythm to a holy beat. "We'll make a new religion out of rusty cars." The break has a six ring circus of dancers doing different moves - a taste for the inner eyes of my mind. As you can expect, I'll have to listen 100 times to catch all the action. And I will. Willingly. A shout-out for the title tune, Skin And Bone, complete with oompa cabaret flavors: "Poverty's a crime in the poorhouse and the punishment is life. The lucky ones work in the slaughterhouse and the rest go under the knife. Hunger is a crime in the madhouse where the gunners are running with that, and liberty runs on consumption - is anything wrong with that?" A dance filled night of musical theatre coming to a stage near you soon. In the meantime, check out this cool record. 'Rockin' roll and rollin' rocks make for an interesting listen that's so successful it sounds at once just barely removed from a dirty saloon and a fine upscale restaurant ballroom. It's not often that one singer/songwriter can achieve such a myriad of influential sounds but Ben Godwin, a London musical native did just that. His sound is raw and lyrical, something that we all could learn a little something from. Golden!' Ben Godwin- Down to Skin and Bone Urbanfolk #10- Tom Drake 'The songs Ben Godwin writes seem to be as much a part of his life as they are a product of it, and this is the difference between the bundled Shiny/Atom releases and the forthcoming Skin and Bone. All are apt examples of quality songwriting and musicianship, but Skin and Bone, as the title denotes, feels more open and settled in a way that's honest. It sounds less polished and more like one of those artists finding his/her voice clichés - soaked in the dirt, gasoline, and restaurant grease on the sidewalks and subway platforms of his new home. The album opens with the glorious "Drinking Gasoline" and continues with "New World City," which moves with the same urgency and impending doom he sees in the City each day. The album continues with rich, buttery tones, captured at Seaside on highlights like "Skin and Bone", "Paper Thin Walls", and "Outsize Shoes." The album, over all, has a dramatic, upbeat musical feel that is well versed in American post-war blues/early rock and roll, jazz-influenced harmonies, pop melodies with an eye for the theatrical. His voice comes across strong, soulful, and present in each and every verse.'

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