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American Romance
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American Romance on CD

The incredible scope of Bernard Weinstock's talent and the dynamism of his music make a written description of the man and his work a nearly impossible task. Years in the making, 'American Romance', Mr. Weinstock's new release, is not only a stand-alone artistic achievement but the creation of a new genre in itself. Incorporating brilliant technique, enchanting melodies, and a fascinating range of influences, Mr. Weinstock seamlessly fuses the sophistication of his classical background with the broad appeal of popular music. Expanding upon concepts first explored in 'Evening - Piano Solos', the album features eight beautifully orchestrated tracks, produced by veteran record producer Cliff Goldmacher with contributions by some of the industry's most acclaimed musicians as well as two piano solos which exhibit the artist's raw virtuosity. Think George Winston meets Rick Wakeman meets Keith Jarrett. Think originality, listenability, and superb musicianship brought together in one unique collection of work. A graduate of the Manhattan School of Music as well as a Julliard alumnus, Mr. Weinstock is relentlessly dedicated to his craft and pours passion into each song he writes. His music tells a story that only he can tell. Much more than the 'classical-meets-contemporary' approach we've heard before, 'American Romance' defies musical convention and categorization. Melodically driven and flowing from ethereal transparency to gripping density, Mr. Weinstock's music shatters boundaries with undeniable appeal. Produced by Jeff Lebowitz, CEO of The Laredo Group, and co-produced by Bill Boggs - the Emmy Award winning TV interviewer and best selling author, 'American Romance' is a masterpiece by a hidden star of the musical world. - Trevor Thorson.