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Skinned My Heart Broke My Knee
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Skinned My Heart Broke My Knee on CD

All tracks have been remastered and brought up to today's ear bleeding industry standards.

Compilation of early limited edition 7" singles appearing on CD for the first time.

Frontman Gerald Collier went on to a lengthy, acclaimed solo career.

Best Kissers in the World were a beloved early 90's Seattle quartet. Frontman Gerald Collier possesses one of the great rock voices of the era with a mind for witty and irreverent lyrics. Combine these with the band's expert power-pop riffs and hooks and it's clear why their multitude of diehard fans put them in the lineage of artists such as The Replacements, Joan Jett, and Cheap Trick.

Skinned My Heart, Broke My Knee is an 11 song compilation made up of the band's classic, out-of-print Sub Pop EP and their early 7 inch singles (which are seeing life on CD for the first time.) Tracks such as "Working on Donita," "Slightly Used," and "Broke My Knee" are anthemic rockers. "Hungover Together", a duet with Hammerbox's Carrie Akre, is a fine, lived-in country ballad (The Supersuckers would later record a version with Kelley Deal of the Breeders.) A killer version of Tommy Roe's bubblegum classic "Sweet Pea" closes out the album.

Though they never achieved breakout success during their time, groups like Weezer and Blink-182 would later take a similar musical template and spin it into gold. With a revived interest in 90's alternative rock in full swing, Best Kissers in the World's cult continues to grow.

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