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Yellow Brick Roadkill
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Yellow Brick Roadkill on CD

2015 two CD archive release. The Best Kissers in the World should have been huge. They're debut album, Been There, was a moderate success with the singles "Miss Teen USA" and "Bleeder" getting significant radio and MTV airplay during the first few years of the early '90's alternative rock boom. However, just as their popularity was peaking, with the lead single from their forthcoming second album garnering tons of acclaim, the band had the rug pulled out from under them. That second album, Yellow Brick Roadkill, is finally seeing release after nearly 20 years of sitting on the shelf, following a label shake-up and merger that effectively ended the band. Yellow Brick Roadkill was a huge leap forward for the band. The sound of the album is tougher, the lyrics are more caustic, and the tone is darker. But it's also an album that is full of hooks, riffs, and classic songs. "Hit Parader," "They Give Each Other Diseases," and "Countin' Out Dexedrine" are classic BKITW songs. A few of the songs on this expanded release eventually found their way (in different form) onto lead singer and songwriter Gerald Collier's first two solo albums. After the band was dropped by their label and the record was shelved, advance copies of the album were initially sold online for big money to hardcore fans of the band. We count ourselves among those fans and are happy to finally make this release available with a bonus disc of alternate versions, rarities, and unreleased songs. The band has consistently maintained a passionate following who will now be able to get this album through official and affordable means.

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