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Classic Blue
  • Artist: Beth Fridinger
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 859700698112
  • Item #: SRD069811
  • Genre: Blues
  • Release Date: 5/20/2008
  • This product is a special order
Price: $16.76
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Classic Blue on CD

Beth Fridinger is a singer songwriter who writes truthful sometimes heart wrenching songs from the heart that is a cross genre of blues, classic rock, folk, country and bluegrass. Her rich alto voice is a unique blend of soulful and mellow. She grew up in the Boston Mass. Area and took piano lessons as a child and later on she played some guitar but put it down. In early 2006 she began to play again after attending a jam party in Allston. In 2007 Beth started to sing and began to write her own songs after being inspired by a dear friend. She has been writing and recording music on her computer and recording with some talented friends. Beth is extremely grateful to friends who helped and encouraged her in these endeavors. She performs at some of the open mics around town. As a talented visual artist she always loved music but didn't pursue it until recently. She thinks music is an incredibly fun art and there is nothing like it! Here are some comments she has received from folks: '...I can't believe that you have only been writing and performing for a couple of years. Keep it up!' E MacAdams-Somer 'I liked your song about Iraq, it was good! You got a style of your own and that is special. Glad you got back into it/it is very inspirational when people do that. Keep on keeping on, great stuff!' Janet 'I think I saw you at the open mic a long time ago and thought you were really good. I guess I just wanted to say hi and give you props! I love your voice...You are really incredible!' stephie 'Just visited your space, and I like the music your playing, probably it's your own sound, with influences of Bob Dylan, Arlo Guthrie, Joan Baez (that's what I hear) It's an honor!!' Greetings from Belgium 'I just listened to your music. You have an original sound to your voice, not typical blues at all. Keep on singing and keep on writing.' Lenny 'I listened to some of your toons. You have lots of passion and it shows.' Isle of Ewe 'hi Beth, your voice is so lovely' 'Hi Beth, saw your name over at the Dylan station and checked out some of your sounds great. Really unique voice.' 'I love your sound, singing and production . It's a real treat for the ears. Kindest regards' Glenn 'You have a great mix of songs here and your vocals are fantastic. Love the bluegrass version of Take Me to the Pearly Gates.' JP Sharpe 'Keep on writing lady; you really know how to do it!!' Greetings from Leuven, Belgium P.VAN SANT'

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