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David: Shepherd Psalmist Soldier King!
  • Artist: Various Artists
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 634479762253
  • Item #: SRD976225
  • Genre: Children's
  • Release Date: 6/3/2008
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David: Shepherd Psalmist Soldier King! on CD

Two energetic grannies have been collaborating to write children's Bible songs for over 20 years. After teaching Bible lessons and singing traditional children's praise songs, Cathy and Paula volunteered to try to write songs which matched the Bible stories. Reports came from parents that their kids were singing these NEW songs day after day. Joy was so much on the rise that the two "singing teachers" went prospecting, looking through old sheet music and song books for treasured tunes to fit the feeling of each scriptural message. A divine synchronicity emerged, resulting in over 600 Bible songs, tested and approved by a generation of happy, Bible-infused children. Their first professional album was a Grammy contender in 2004, and six of their singles were on the 2005 Gospel Music Award ballot. ELEVEN songs were on the ballot for 'Most Inspirational Single' of 2006!!! The Songwriters Paula King (the analytical left brain) - B.A. Education/Math/English, University of North Texas. Graduate studies in Math, English, and Education. A teacher, programmer, and IRS field agent. Retired from a major airline, where she spent 17 years as a programmer / manager / comptroller in the aircraft scheduling department. Thirteen years of formal piano instruction, including college level. Producer, Song Writer, Composer, Music Arranger. Vaccinated with a phonograph needle! Catherine Walker (the creative right brain!) - Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Houston. Thirty years experience as Graphic Designer, Typesetter, Marketing Specialist, and Publisher: Irving's Children Magazine 1994-95. Collaborated as author and illustrator on 10 children's books including puzzles, Bible stories and character. Catherine worked at a major airline in the Interactive Marketing department on the web publishing team. Producer, Song Writer, Composer, Author. The singing comes naturally! Their 2008 release is 67 minutes long, with 31 fresh, new songs covering treasured stories from the life of David. The most avid Bible student will be surprised at the rich detail. And parents love the emphasis on character-building values. Included are songs and spoken introductions performed by forty-three singers and blurbers as young as age 7! David's responsibility in shepherding is emphasized. Even the sheep have a song! Sharing is taught with the incident at Ziklag, respecting authority when David cut King Saul's cloak, and following exact directions with the temple pattern which David left for Solomon, plus many more child-appropriate stories. Tunes range from Gilbert and Sullivan to Tchaikovsky and folk tunes. Many rounds and multi-part songs challenge and engage older children. This is not a pre-school album. Parents will not get tired of it in the car, and children will be singing these lovely, educational and inspirational songs over and over! Artist genre: FoCounClasEra - lots of folk, a little country, a smattering of classical, and once in a while opera sneaks in, but don't tell the boys.