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  • Artist: Big Beat Tornado
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 643157370192
  • Item #: SRD737019
  • Genre: Soul/R & B
  • Release Date: 9/20/2005
  • This product is a special order
  • Rank: 1000000000
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Big Beat Tornado hails from Reading, Pennsylvania - the home of outlet malls, pretzel factories, and one of the railroads on the Monopoly board that always costs more when you land on it 'cause your girlfriend owns all four of them. This eight-piece band, fronted by dual female lead vocalists, combines veteran performers and fresh newcomers to create a highly charged musical experience. BBT lays down their very original brand of Funk for a New Generation, augmented by diggable cover tunes ranging in styles from Parliament to Dee-Lite. The Reading Eagle reported that 'rarely does a band feature one exceptionally talented female singer, yet BBT boasts two. And each adds to the other, switching from lead to backup to harmony with ease and a sense of egolessness. Each seems to try to find ways for the other to shine vocally (and lyrically).' Singer/lyricist Angela Ezell continues her tradition of theatrical stage antics and melodic expression to form half of the focal point of this veritable onstage party. And meet Sue Groove, your other center ring melodious hostess-with-the-mostest, who recently returned from the Great White North with a shiny new Bachelorette of Music degree in her bag. Imagine if Ginger and Mary Ann were BOTH naughty! Brad Bansner is responsible for all of the wah-wah guitar chunking, as well as the keyboards. And a good bit of the writing. Oh yeah, and the website, some recording engineering, and other stuff too, probably. A review of Brad's last solo effort, Programme D'Experience in Frets, Axes and Riffs magazine exclaims, 'I'm surprised this dude's fingers didn't fall the hell off.' That's Brad. BBT was the vision of bassist Christopher Layser, who has supplied the funky bottom end and song arrangements for a myriad original projects you may or may not have heard of, until deciding to form a funk ensemble intent on turning heads and shaking asses. Drummer Rick Tomlinson, whose motto is speak softly and carry two big sticks, provides the foundation of the Big Beat with his arsenal of acoustic and electronic percussion. And then there's the BBT horns. Mike Williams, on tenor and soprano sax, once described as 'Lisa Simpson and Sgt. Slaughter's love child', injects a fusion element to the band with his fiery solos... but sorry girls, he's taken. Petey (Wheatstraw) Apostolakos, the vice-president of 'keeping it real', adds his energetic stage performance and 'Bone virtuosity. And does 'Phatt Matt' Nieznay know how to blow the trumpet? Absofunkinlutely! This is one tornado you won't mind crashing into your town.