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Habagoola on CD

Since 1993, Big Blow and the Bushwackers has spread their blend of folk, world, comedy and sonic explorations throughout the Mid-Atlantic area. Starting as a duo of mandolin/voice and didjiridu, the Salisbury, MD group quickly grew into a quintet playing over 50 instruments. Accordion, trombone, didjiridu, tuba, trumpet, sax, clarinet, banjolin, vocals, Mr. Thing, flopophone, and hedgeclippers to name just a few. With a wide pallette of timbres, this five-man band is more like an unconventional mini-orchestra. Add the broad mix of sources that make up their repertoire, and you can see why a Big Blow performance is always livley. From English ballads to pop-satire, Cajun dance tunes to Irish jigs, or atmospheric songscapes to frantic improvs, the music of Big Blow and the Bushwackers takes you on a world-wide aural cruise. With 4 CDs, you can enjoy their music without even leaving home. "WHAT DIDJUREDOO?" - their first CD release - features the brass on Ted Porter's "Tom Deadlight", captures the haunting atmosphere of "Never Seal", and rocks to Tom Jawbone Weldon's "Please the Ploughboy". "HABAGOOLA" is the band's second CD. Polka "Pair of Dice", original ballad Ted Porter's "How Many Miles to Babylon". rock-n-roll didj "Fiddler A Dram", and comically twisted blues "Hey, Healthboy" are just a few of the many flavors offered here. The band always has a strong Celtic undercurrent. Big Blow and the Bushwackers focused that love in their third CD - "OFF KILTER - A Celtic Outerlude" From classics to originals, ballads to Irish pub songs, this all-Celtic CD ain't the sterilized sweater music of the Clancy Brothers. "HANDY" is the title of the band's fourth CD. From the ironically positive and comical "I Don't Care" to the ancient Icelandic "Raunon Valssi", or the Civil War era song of the underdog's moment of glory "Hound Dog Song", this CD continues the Big Blow tradition of travelling the planet and time through song. "HANDY" also features the band's unique rendition and groove in the Gospel/Blues song "Everybody Oughtta' Treat a Stranger Right". A song to live by, this is a favorite wherever the band plays. Wether you prefer CD or digital downloads, you can find all 4 Big Blow CDs on

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