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  • Brand: Big Fudge
  • UPC: 850020702213
  • Item #: 2385158X
  • Available Date: 4/1/2021
  • Model Number: BFSG101US
Vinyl Accessories 
Price: $15.94
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BIG FUDGE Turntable Stylus Gel - Anti-Static Stylus Cleaner | Removes Dust Quickly and Effectively | Clean Your Record Player Needle in Style & Enhance Audio Quality in Seconds!

This compact solution is a gentle approach to cleaning your stylus - gone are the days of swiping rough carbon fiber bristles under your needle. The verdict is out: Audiophiles recommend using gel cleaners for your turntable!

Product Features

πŸ“€ IMPROVE AUDIO QUALITY IN SECONDS: Place the Stylus Gel underneath the needle, and gently lower the tonearm into the gel - repeat 2x times. There is no better way to remove dust and debris from your stylus.

πŸ“€ PRESERVE THE LIFE OF YOUR NEEDLE: Cartridges wear out, especially if you're jamming to your favorite records around the clock. Cleaning your stylus in between sessions will extend the life of your cartridge (and your vinyl!) substantially.

πŸ“€ USE IT FOR YEARS TO COME: Once you've discovered the magical, zerodust cleaning ability of our stylus cleaner, you'll never go back to a mere stylus brush. And you don't have to! As long as you keep it covered and out of direct sunlight, with an occasional rinse under warm water your gel will maintain its quality.

πŸ“€ SAFE TO USE ON YOUR GEAR: All Big Fudge products have been extensively tested to be safe on your vinyl and record players. The stylus gel is no different. Big Fudge is a trusted brand among passionate vinyl collectors, and our reviews speak for themselves.

πŸ“€ LIFETIME MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Every customer is a happy customer - that is our motto. If, for any reason, our product doesn't perform as advertised, please contact us for a full refund. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

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