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Big Iron Collection
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Big Iron Collection on DVD

Disc 1: CROOKED RIVER (1950) Thomas Carr directed six Jimmy Ellison/Russell Hayden B-westerns all in one month by using the same casts, costumes and locations and shooting whatever scenes were needed for each all at once to speed things up. a distinct compliment to Carr's expertise. Each a remake of a '30s western, this one based on Bob Steele's "Smokey Smith" ('35), is the strangest, as in all the others Ellison and Hayden were pals, but here Ellison's the star searching for the killer of his parents while Hayden's a not-too-bad bandit leader. COLORADO RANGER (1950) Get set for plenty of hard-riding B-western excitement when a bad man unknowingly hires Colorado Rangers Jimmy Ellison and Russell Hayden to run off homesteaders Julie Adams and Fuzzy Knight. The action never let's up in this remake of Johnny Mack Brown's "Everyman's Law" ('36). FAST ON THE DRAW (1950) Frightened of guns after seeing his parents murdered by bandits when he was a boy, Jimmy Ellison is nevertheless goaded by his pal Russell Hayden into becoming Marshal in a lawless town, which leads to plenty of excitement. Adapted from "Branded a Coward" ('35) with Johnny Mack Brown. Disc 2: HOSTILE COUNTRY (1950) Roaring western gunfire erupts when Jimmy Ellison and his pal Russell Hayden ride in to join Jimmy's stepfather (whom he's never met) as half owners of a ranch, but discover outlaws have kidnapped the man and replaced him. Action-packed remake of Bob Steele's "No Man's Range" ('35). MARSHAL OF HELDORADO (1950) Russell Hayden and Jimmy Ellison are appointed lawmen in a rough town over-ridden by bank robbing brothers which leads to plenty of gun slinging western thrills. A remake of Bob Steele's "Rider of the Law" ('35), this is the cleverest and most enjoyable of the Ellison/Hayden westerns. WEST OF THE BRAZOS (1950) An imposter, pretending to be Jimmy Ellison to grab the oil rich ranch he's inherited, is really a notorious outlaw. Only a girl (Julie Adams) and Ellison's hard of hearing pal Russell Hayden know Jimmy's real identity. Quite humorous, clever script when the deaf Hayden is oblivious to outlaws' gunfire all around him. Remake of Bob Steele's "Alias John Law" ('35).