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  • Artist: Bill Cornish
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 634479535420
  • Item #: SRD953542
  • Genre: Jazz
  • Release Date: 9/16/2003
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Horizons on CD

'Nature is singing through this music. Cornish does a lovely job of transcribing the magic.' - Jennifer Layton ( Horizons features powerful emotional performances ranging from solo piano to full arrangements with a flair for eclectic instrumentation. Niether strictly jazz nor new age nor world music, it brings elements from each together as only Bill Cornish can. Think George Winston meets Mickey Hart's Planet Drum meets Shadowfax meets Bob James & Deodato. In addition to his solo projects, Bill's work most recently appears on the Thomas Connor Band album, Teach Peace featuring guest appearances by Grammy-winning jazz fusion violinist Jerry Goodman of The Dixie Dregs and Mahavishnu Orchestra. San Diego keyboardist Bill Cornish has balanced years of composing jazz and new age music with performing in rock bands. Heavily influenced by many styles, including jazz, orchestral and world music, he always brings his diverse musical background to bear on anything he does. In early 1983, he co-founded Crystal, a band with whom he spent the next twelve years touring throughout the western United States, Alaska and Japan. While in his rock and roll persona, he shared the stage with artists such as Kansas, Steelheart, Joan Jett, Steppenwolf, Jeff 'Skunk' Baxter, Firehouse, The Romantics, Pat Travers, Foghat and many others. -------- REVIEW: Reviewed by Sheldon T. Nunn One of the more stimulating aspects surrounding jazz as an art form is the music's ability to stimulate the intuitive spirit that comes from within. For the most part, creativity plays a primary role in that process. What begins as an idea that is etched in sound activated energy, does somehow become a tapestry of colorful melodies and harmonic rhythms. At various times during an artist's career, he or she is able to pull every creative dynamic into a cornucopia of improvised influences. One CD in particular entitled 'Horizons' by pianist Bill Cornish, every ingredient that allows a musician to delve into the creative spirit coming from within has definitely manifested itself. For the most part, 'Horizons' is a very difficult recording to classify. Not that it is irregular in approach, the CD flows aesthetically and fluidly from one style of jazz into the other. What is even more apparent is the level of imagination Bill Cornish exhibits in making this release a reality. At first glance, Bill begins his journey into sound with an expedition into synthesized harmonics. The first track 'Precis' is definitely along those lines of influence. That tune provides a vintage view of new age stylized techno panoramics. From that point on, the CD exhibits a multi-faceted view of Bill's creative ideas, which is the real reason why classifying the recording becomes rather difficult. While listening to this release, the feel of contemporary melodies, generous grooves and improvised effervescence are very apparent. 'Horizons' is an album that allows for spontaneity, mesmerizing harmonies and a qualitative perspective in getting the message across to his listeners. Collectively, these ingredients can be found in new age, contemporary and smooth styles. Cornish makes life interesting by including all three of these approaches in making a personalized 14-track statement. 'Horizons' is a nice piece of work, as well as a warm listening experience. The CD appeals to the innermost processes that allows jazz to be an artistic endeavor. With this release, Bill Cornish has painted a jazzscape into sound that is most pleasing to the ear. In approach, there is a formula that allows the intuitive spirit to come from within, which is truly the stuff of jazz in all of it's wonderful flavors. Make no mistake about it, this is a true indication of a genre that has evolved and re-invented itself any number of times over the last 100 years. Bill Cornish may well be one of the primary influences carrying the genre to even greater heights during the 21st century. In the mean time, 'Horizons' is a major step in that direction. -------- REVIEW: Reviewed by Wes Mackie A beautiful serene soundscape that melds the choicest flute, piano, guitar, synthesizer, organ, and expertly programmed drum pattern cuts into one wonderful unforgettable mind-expanding adventure. Can't miss out on this one. It helps you see, imagine, create, wonder, hope, and understand. They say listening to classical music makes you smarter, well listening to Bill Cornish makes you wonder. Influences range from jazz, to middle eastern sounds, to world music, with a tinge of rock influence and sexy latin groove, all layered and structured in a way that makes the most sense to those who have a tendency towards the non-sensical. Standout tracks include 'Whirlwind', a track that takes off from the beginning with the tribal sounds of bongo that unconventionally, yet effectively, thrust into a wailing blues-style electric guitar solo over Cornish's version of the sultry sounds of latin salsa. Another is 'The Last Frontier', melding Eastern sounds with a hip-shaking bongo good time. In this Deep Forest style, epic film soundtrack mesh of aural bliss, Bill Cornish provides the perfect accompaniment to a couple o' caps and a soothing psychedelic journey into the inner workings of your soul...the deepest depths of your desires...I'll shut up now!

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