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Chevy with Balding Tires
  • Artist: Bill Foreman
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 634479512186
  • Item #: SRD951218
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 4/3/2007
  • This product is a special order
Price: $10.18
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Chevy with Balding Tires on CD

10 songs, 9 vocal, 1 instrumental, each taking place in Riverside, CA and environs. Beautifully packaged in three-panel cardboard digipak. Booklet includes lyrics and additional text. "Insightful and literate, Foreman has a knack for capturing the seamier side of life, from the seething heat-haze of unrest to the weary exhaustion of dead-end lives. He delivers his tales with a Dylanesque knack for narrative; his delivery, more spoken than sung, is a strident mix of angry John Lennon, irritable Robyn Hitchcock, and Billy Joel during his 'God dammit, I'm not a 'soft-rocker'' moments. Many of the songs are surprisingly upbeat given their subject matter. It's a risky gambit that pays off; we get the sense that Foreman's characters, given a look at the Big Picture, can appreciate the irony of their fortunes. Their tales are told unflinchingly, and they seem to understand and accept their fates." - George Zahora, Splendid Magazine "Foreman really isn't doing anything on Chevy w/ Balding Tires that he hasn't been doing for years, but that's no reason to take releases as amazingly conceived and well realized as this for granted. Although not a traditional concept album, this telling set of vignettes more than does justice to the complex intermixing of people from different backgrounds, facing different trials and different stations of life, found in Riverside, California. More than anything, Foreman reminds us just how good an artist using the typical tools of the trade can be, using his profoundly imaginative and perceptive skills as a songwriter to create works that transcend the limits to which far too many mindlessly adhere. Foreman shows that, even this far along in his recording career, he is still pushing himself to do new things and approach new topics, however different or disturbing they might be. And even though he'd probably be making this music even if we weren't there to listen to it, albums as good as this deserve far more contributors to the dialogue between artist and audience." - Matt Fink, Delusions of Adequacy "A sort of down-at-heel Our Town, Foreman's latest is entirely set in his real-life hometown of Riverside, California, where a bunch of ruined, embittered folks scratch out a parched pointless existence without hope of reprieve or redemption. Yeah, it's a real laugh riot - and I'm not kidding. Climbing into each character's skin, Forman invests their sad tales with dark humor and profound empathy that offsets the ignorance, hopelessness and violence that motivates and imprisons them. Vengeful stoners, alcoholic Mexicans, murderous Filipino grease monkeys, haunted veterans, deadbeat moms - all have their moment in the desert sun, illuminated by Bill's vivid prose and shaggy grooves. As always, Foreman performs all the music here, and it is truly remarkable, gathering together Tex-Mex, folk-rock, Memphis R&B, gypsy jazz and Delta blues into a raggedly glorious gumbo of American song styles. Half-shouting his way through lyrics that read improbably but sound heavenly, Foreman once again proves himself a criminally overlooked treasure. Don't let another day go by without plugging into this world." - Jim Santo, Demo Universe.

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