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Peace of My Mind
  • Artist: Bill Kay
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 634479408977
  • Item #: SRD940897
  • Genre: Folk
  • Release Date: 10/17/2006
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Peace of My Mind on CD

Bill Kay BIO Bill K grew up in NC. He started developing an interest in playing piano at age 6 but it didn't go so well. He had a renewed interest in piano after discovering a copy of The Beatles album, 'Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band', hidden among the classical music LPs in his parent's cabinet. This time he re-started music, and though piano didn't last long (it got swapped for guitar around college years) love of music, particularly The Beatles music, has been a lasting effect. As years went on Bill went through periods of waxing and waning involvement in various musical projects. In Bill's words," Only in the past few years has the full realization of the precariousness and precious nature of life viewed paradoxically against the repressive energy with which most people limit their lives compelled me to become an active performer.' In his most recent endeavor, Bill Kay has been tirelessly attending peace rally after peace rally in the Philadelphia region. "My favorites are the Philadelphia Grandma's for Peace," states Bill. These fearless women, all of whom are actual grandmas have taken anti-war protesting to a new level. Through entirely peaceful methods they have found ways of raising social consciousness about the misguided policies of the Bush Administration. Many of the Grandma's refer to Bill as "their troubadour," a title that Bill is extremely proud to embrace. "I love the rallies because they are a chance for me to inject some of my own political ideas in song form, which is my way of dealing with the world anyway," says Bill. "Also I get to play a lot of peace anthems of the 60's like Dylan, John Lennin, George Harrison, Woodie Guthrie, Pete Seeger, etc...which are songs that have been close to my heart for my entire life." The album, Peace of My Mind, grew out of these experiences during the summer of 2006 and my relationship with this group. If you like the idea of spreading peace through music then please consider purchasing my album for the following reasons. RADIO WILL NOT PLAY ACTUAL PROTEST SONGS (Don't believe us on this then listen around or ask our associate/musical friend, Tom Mullilan of the Bradiwine Peace Organization). Peace is even hard to sell as live performance material with store proprietors being wary of excluding 1/3 of their patrons. If you like protest music and think the world could use more of it, right now especially, then help support our financial investment in this album and we promise to make more of's coming out Bill's ears/fingers/mouth already! For the last couple years Bill's been living in the Philly, PA region and playing to mass crowd gatherings across the northeast. Bill has played for over 25,000 people in the last year. With his band, 'Dog's Run Free,' as well as at frequent solo performances, Bill has continued to acquire a steady stream of good reviews, outstanding memories and many fantastic new friends. You may have heard some of Bill's original songs, such as: 'Win This Race', 'Impossible Is Not A Fact', 'Free Smiles', 'Particle in a Box' as well as his latest creation: "Speed Monkey". Bill was a regular performer at "Penn's Landing" last summer as well as performed at large crowd gatherings such as, The Wilmington Marathon, Wilson Farm Park Amphitheatre Summer Concert Series, Wilmington's St Anthony's Festival, and The Philadelphia Distance Run. Bill also plays area open mic's occasionally where local fans truncated his sign in name of "Bill K." to the abbreviated name "Bilk" by which he is sometimes better known. "OK by me," says Bill who has recently been building a website named Bill's works have been included in the soundtracks of multiple motion pictures such as the 2005 release, "Perimeter Run" which won an award at the Hawaii Film Festival. Bill also created an entire soundtrack and score for a New Zealand produced film entitled, "Facing Tomorrow." "The raw edginess of the movie which deals with such issues as isolation, loss, life values and suicide, gave a strong emotional base from which I was able to draw on when creating songs," says Bill. "I think this made for some interesting material. Granted a few of the songs were a bit darker than I would normally shoot for, but they were necessary for the picture. Also, I balanced them with some more positive material which is more my usual style." Most of the work of creating these arrangements was done in Bill's home studio using multitask recording, but the most fun part of the project for Bill has been the recent full-scale recording sessions. In February and March of 2006 Bill assembled a group of 5 musicians for 2 extended recording sessions. The musicians met in a 300 year old Friends Meeting House in Newtown Square. Film crews were also present and the sessions will eventually be aired on Comcast's Channel 2 Public Access when mixing is completed. Bill's concerts are a truly eclectic blending point of classic jazz, rock, blues, reggae, poetry, literature and raw emotion. His musical heroes include The Beatles, Cole Porter, Louis Armstrong, Nat King Cole, and Jack Kerouac ( Jack's not really technically a musician...). You will definitely not hear the same old cover songs at a BILL KAY Show. "I usually strive to re-invent a standard if I'm going to do it at all. Who wants to hear the same thing the same way for the hundredth time? I strive to get the audience to feel that they are a part of the music and that the music is relevant to now. George Gershwin had it right when he said that, "True music...must repeat the thought and inspirations of the people and the time. My people are Americans. My time is today."

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