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Freedom & Dreams
  • Artist: Bill Redmond
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 804879084624
  • Item #: CDBY908462
  • Genre: Country
  • Release Date: 11/20/2007
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Freedom & Dreams on CD

Bill Redmond: His heart is red, white and blue, and his voice is pure liquid gold. Flying the Navy EA6B "Prowler" during Desert Storm was just one of the many extraordinary highpoints for this highly decorated and beloved Naval Officer. Bill Redmond: Naval Aviator, Physician and Professional Vocalist Bringing patriotism back to popular music and evoking the spirit of Americanism among his audiences nationwide. With a nearly four octave captivating vocal range, "Dr. Bill's" exceptional vocal style has given new life and hope to his listeners during these times of struggle in our beloved United States. Before flying F-14 Navy Tomcats, Bill Redmond graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor's of Arts in Vocal Music Performance from Pepperdine University. However, as the Navy beckoned him to the Top Gun skies, professional music would have to wait. Keeping his love of music and country harmonies close to his heart, he worked daily in the exciting world of Military combat at the "Tip Of The Spear". Heroically, Bill flew missions during the waning days of the Cold War and the potentially explosive days of the Iranian Hostage Crisis. Throughout his impressive career, Bill humbly accepted the Meritorious Service Medal among many other prestigious military decorations and appointments, including serving as Flight Surgeon to the President Of the United States. However, Bill knew the reality and responsibility of raising a young family meant he couldn't stay in the air forever. "There's not a big market for retired 'Missile Shooters'", jokes Bill, when asked how his career path changed from Naval Aviation's Fighter jets, to the daily medical care of Navy families across the world. "Medicine was an early goal of mine, although it took awhile to come back around full circle to that original goal." Bill exchanged his Aviator's wings for a white lab coat in order to attend Naval Medical School. Raised as a "Navy Brat" himself, Bill's father served 21 years as a Naval Hospital Corpsman, so for young Bill, medicine was a natural career choice. Prior to his retirement from the Navy in July of 2007, Bill Redmond, MD faithfully served more than 20 years as a trusted and beloved Family Doctor to thousands of Navy families, Sailors and Marines worldwide. Some say Bill should stop, enjoy his retirement and his love of golf, and proudly look back at his exciting professional journey. Bill would disagree. In fact, just the other day, this newly retired, highly decorated Navy Captain came full circle back around to his musical roots as he sang a few simple country songs to a small room of grateful Depression-Era Americans, warming their hearts on a cold November afternoon. Says Producer, singing partner, and dear friend: singer/songwriter Kellene Schurb: "The first time I ever heard Bill sing was in an Enlisted Club for Sailors at an FA-18 Super Hornet training base out in the middle of Nowhere, California. It was an Open-Mic Night, and as the intro to Elvis Presley's infamous "American Trilogy' began to play, quite honestly, I rolled my eyes, thinking, 'Here we go: Another Elvis Wanna-Be.' However, I couldn't have been more surprised when Bill took the microphone in hand, stood firmly with his feet apart and absolutely captured everything that 'American Trilogy' was meant to say." "The liquid gold flowed from Bill as easily as if he had been born on the stage just for that one performance. I knew, right then and there, that I had to do everything I could to get this man in a recording studio. Bill simply isn't meant to sing just in Nowhere, California. The world needs to hear this phenomenal voice and everyone should get the chance to know this true American Patriot and Hero". Kellene Schurb produced Bill's debut album project: "FREEDOM & DREAMS" and frequently performs as Bill's Duet Partner. "Meeting and working with Bill has brought new life into my own singing, songwriting and entertaining. His incredible voice challenges me to make sure I am always at the top of my own singing game, his showmanship reminds me that audiences want to be truly entertained, and the "Captain" in him always keeps me gratefully looking towards Old Glory." For 31 years, he fought and served for FREEDOM. Now, retired from the Navy and debuting as a new country music artist, he is living his DREAMS. "No matter where I was, in a Tomcat in the sky, in the hospital Delivery Room with a brand new life in my hands, or now, holding a microphone, country music has always been the beat of my American heart." Bill Redmond That "American Heart" is felt in every word of every song on Bill Redmond's debut album, appropriately entitled: "FREEDOM & DREAMS".

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