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Chasing the Sun
  • Artist: Wilson Bill Jr.
  • UPC: 884501346733
  • Item #: SRD134673
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 7/6/2010
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Chasing the Sun on CD

Chasing the Sun is the debut album by Bill Wilson Jr. This independent debut release has captures the major label sound with the seasoned songwriting style of Bill Wilson Jr. to create a pop/rock experience that is both thought provoking and memorable. Produced by Rudyard Lee Cullers and Alex Cox, recorded and mixed at Stratosphere Studios NYC, and mastered by mastering legend Scott Hull at Scott hull Mastering Studios NYC, Chasing the Sun delivers smooth sweet tones and colors that you can almost see. Bill Wilson Jr.'s music focus on strong songwriting, that creates dark universal lyrical themes and lush guitar driven musical landscapes that draw upon experiences derived growing up in Philadelphia and moving to Brooklyn. Chasing the Sun is a Tom Waits style conceptual album with pop/rock songs that tell the story of an artists search for his voice. History BILL WILSON JR. grew up in Southwest Philadelphia and developed an interest in music at about 10 years old. He picked up the guitar for the first time after seeing his uncle get drunk play old classic rock tunes on an old out of tune Les Paul knock off. This began a 25 year love affair with music. Shortly there after, Bill started a band with a friend and picked up the keyboard and started writing lyrics for songs. The band was a real release and creative outlet for the young musician. The keyboard and singing eventually gave way to the bass guitar which Bill picked up because the bands bass player unexpectedly quit the band. Bass was a real natural fit for Bill. He quickly picked up where the old bass player left off and shortly surpassed him in playing abilities. About this time Bill entered high school and joined the schools jazz band. In his senior year the young musician gets his first taste of playing for a live audience. Bill performs Axel F. by Herbie Hancock and has to solo in front of 2,000 of his fellow classmates. He got a standing ovation which scared him so much that he lost his place in the song. The thrill and excitement of the audience made Bill crave more live performances. After high school Bill attended Philadelphia Community College for music and learned many of the fundamentals of music and musical technic. At night he played bass in heavy rock band called Ignota in the night clubs of Philadelphia. Playing to scores of people in larger venues like The Khyber Pass, J.C. Dobbs and The 40th Street Underground. Playing in punk rock squats and Colleges in the tri-state area After years of meager successes and significant line up changes, Bill and the band decided to move to New York City. In New York the band enjoyed many successful gigs and played in legendary clubs like CBGB's, The Continental, The Knitting Factory, and The Lions Den to name a few. Bill and the band parted ways after a couple of years and hedecided not to join another band but to pursue a live long dream. Bill rediscovered his roots.He picked up the guitar and started song writing again. He crafted a body of simple pop songs with dark lonely themes. His voice in simple melodies tell the troubled stories of loveless times and love lost that entertain the mind and warm the soul in their universality. After years of couch performances and open mics Bill Wilson Jr. is finally ready to release his first solo album. Chasing The Sun is due for release in Summer 2010. Share.