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What Happened Last Night
  • Artist: Billionaire Boys Club
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 837101116589
  • Item #: CDBY111658
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 12/27/2005
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What Happened Last Night on CD

Billionaire Boys Club (BBC) was formed in the summer of 2002 by four like-minded young men, tired of being told what was cool and hell-bent on having their own say. Reef (guitar/vocals), Mark Sanderlin (guitar/vocals), and Matt Lewis (drums) teamed up with bassist Leigh Nelson and resolved to be at the forefront of a revolution years overdue-the re-birth of rock 'n roll - with a new name (inspired by an 80s B-movie starring Judd Nelson) and an injection of punk in their power-pop rock sound. What they stand for is simple: honest, catchy, guitar-driven/harmony-laden rock with grittiness and irony. The band's debut EP, Career Opportunities, earned them praise from fans and critics alike. With two special guest appearances on 'Last Call with Carson Daly' (NBC), several 'Fearless TV' spots (NYC's Time Warner Cable), and the first ever band to be featured on the front page of (over 50,000 profile hits), the BBC has captured audiences nationwide. The BBC released their debut full-length album in the waning days of 2005. Recorded in their home town of Jersey City with producer Sal Villanueva (Taking Back Sunday, Thursday), 'What Happened Last Night' roars with ten tracks of pure rock 'n roll. WHAT THE CRITICS HAVE TO SAY: 'Note to potential thieves: The Billionaire Boys Club does not have any money. The group does not have fancy cars, fat wallets or diamond-crusted hood ornaments that the four members wear as necklaces. And, contrary to rumor, the Jersey City boys do not have a private yacht that sports it's own helicopter pad, wading pool and Paris Hilton hotline. In fact, if the Billionaire Boys Club actually had the kind of cash that their moniker boasts, the quartet probably wouldn't be doing what it does: rock, particularly the gritty, spit-in-the-face kind that the quartet bashes out with equal amounts of snarl and sarcasm, for the scruffy kids that can't afford McDonald's, not a gang of trust-fund buddies. After all, they wouldn't know how to lace the simplistic chorus of 'Super OK' -- 'We're all super all right/ We're super OK' -- with enough irony to make it into a massive f***-off slacker anthem. Or pile 'We Used to Play Gui...' with so much snottiness that it would make any rocker with career goals seriously consider giving up. And as for the rest of the band's self-released debut disc, What Happened Last Night: Let's just say rich folk don't need to get so blitzed that they would have to make a dirty and booze-soaked punk record to fill in the gaps. They have paparazzi for that.' -Jeff Inman, Las Vegas CITYLIFE.

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