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Perception on CD

Made up of BillKidney's slick vocals and dicey guitar, Chris Atkinson's hypnotic basslines and Wayne Collin's precision drum, they are in "Complete Control" of the music they create and are smashing out of the Halifax music scene with songs that leave you wanting to know the whole story! With popular songs like '25 Miles', "Who's Laughing Now", and 'Greg' the message is deep while the dance floor shakes under the feet of the crowd. As a solo act, Bill has performed throughout much of North America in all sorts of venues ranging from nightclubs in his hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia in the east to Nashville's world famous "Bluebird Cafe." Bill also had the honor of performing the song, "I Wanna Know" (written about the attacks on the World Trade Towers) in New York City on the second anniversary of the 9-11 tragedy. During a visit to India in 2004, BillKidney collaborated with the Indian rock group, "Moonstruck" for several performances as well as making a few solo performances. It was while in India that Bill wrote the songs "Younger Than Me," "Chemicals and Matter" and "Speaking Only to Your Soul." Now joined by Chris and Wayne, BillKidney and Complete Control have unleashed one of the most talked of musical projects in Halifax. They have shared the stage with several of the city's other leading acts, been presented by and played on numerous radio stations and have also used performances to help raise money for various charities. Musically, they bring together a modern sound with lyrics that reflect views on life, parenthood, culture, religion, spirituality, love and almost anything else that are the common experiences that bind us all. Hearing BillKidney and Complete Control will leave you singing along with songs after the first time you hear them and understanding why this group is an essential addition to today's popular music.

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